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Indy Grand Prix



The new rules in formula 1 state that only one set of tires are allowed for bit qualifying and the race itself. which so far this season hasn't caused many headaches. However, this year at Indianapolis on turn 13 where the cars reach nearly 300kph (on the bank clockwise befor the start/finish) Michelin's tyres are unable to cope with the high stress loads.

As a result, 13 teams have pulled out, leaving Jordan, Minardi and Ferrari as the only racing teams.

Originally posted by www.itv.com/f1

The United States Grand Prix has turned into a sad farce, with all 14 Michelin shod cars pulling straight into the pits at the start of the race.

Only the Ferraris, Jordans, and Minardis lined up on the grid, with Michael Schumacher predictably leading away.

Michelin had announced that its teams would not race unless a chicane was added at turn 13 to slow the entry speed onto the banked corner.

No work was carried out, and Renault, McLaren, Toyota, BAR, Williams, Sauber, and Red Bull all pulled their cars out of the race at the end of the formation lap.

“I have a really horrible feeling in my stomach,†David Coulthard told ITV’s Louise Goodman.

“It’s quite remarkable that we couldn’t find a resolution in the interests of the sport.

“This is going to leave a long-lasting bitter taste in people’s mouths.

“As a driver, I’m embarrassed, but we were acting under instruction from Michelin on safety grounds.â€

What an absoloute farce.
Just finished, Schumacher wins.

1. Schumacher - Ferrari
2. Barrichello - Ferrari
3. Monterio - Jordan
4. Karthikeyan - Jordan
5. Albers - Minardi
6. Friesarcher - Minardi


7. Trulli - Toyota
8. Reikkonen - McLaren

Martin Brundle made a quality bit of commentary;

"If Schumacher does a victory leap on the podium I'm personally going to punch him!"
This is complete bull! I cant belive the FIA didnt do anything! F1 better step it up or it ant going anywhere! They are already starting to lose viewer numbers. I think the new rule system has done a lot to make things more exciting to watch but come on! This is the best and ritchest series in the world of racing and they cant even make decisions like this!
It was completely ridiculous, I saw it replayed on Setanta. They could have just called the race after 2 laps or something, the result was so obvious. Pretty funny when the American fans got ******. Apparently loads of them showed up looking for refunds only to be given contact details for Michelin and the 7 teams.
mark webber pretty crap season so far from memory. and what a joke this was although it did give jordan and minadri proabbly their best finishes for the season and also their sponsors would have gotten good coverage.

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