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AFL Grand Final

I'm sure there's one or two Kerry supporters who would prefer to be seeing him lining out in the green and gold at Croke Park tomorow rather than the red and white at the MCG this morning.
What's happening at Croke Park? That little Irish jig thing he did when he received his medal was funny. He's well received over here that's for sure.
Saw a pic of that alright and cringed with embarrassment. Tomorow is All Ireland Football Final day, second biggest day in Irish sport, pretty much the equivalent of the Grand Final with Kerry, Kennelly's home county, taking on Tyrone.
He played underage with Kerry, not sure if he's played for the senior team, probably had gone to Sydney at that stage but his performances in the international rules have shown he still has what it takes to be a class intercounty footballer.
Here are some pictures taken from the Melbourne Cricket Ground at yesterday's grand final..



Originally posted by M-Time@Sep 25 2005, 01:00 AM
I see. Keep us posted then.
Well Tadgh Kennelly won't be too pleased with the outcome at Croke Park with his native county going down by 3 points to Tyrone in a 1-16 to 2-10 scoreline.

Full Match Report here
Guies, I stayed in Korea during several weeks and returned to France yesterday. I was able to watch some of the AFL ... and I think I would need to watch more to appreciate this sport ... too weird.

I've watched also the RL 7 SOO, what a piece of ****. This was touch Rugby as I used to play during some training session. Anyway very few people attending this match, nothing to compare with the RU 7 played in HongKong.

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