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Well I have an Interview for another Job...

So I want your Techniques and Tips!!!

Bloody hell I hate them!!!
I am on my second job & I still have never had an job interview, so don't ask me.
it was something with 'naked' in it.... :mellow:
  • go naked
  • strip
  • climb on the table naked
  • undress your interviewer (only if its a woman)
o wait... It helps if you think that your interviewer on the other side of the table is naked.
Works for nervousness ;)

What if one of the Interviewers is really fit, thinking of her being naked might not be a good thing especially when you have to walk out the room
I go into interviews with a positive frame of mind.
They've called you for an interview, so clearly they know you have some potential and could be in line for the job. Go in, head held high, beam a smile and know that they need you. Know that you're good enough for the job and you can prove it.

I'm usually nervous, but very confident.
Make eye contact a lot. Even if you're nervous as hell. Makes you appear more confident than you may actually feel.
What if one of the Interviewers is really fit, thinking of her being naked might not be a good thing especially when you have to walk out the room

the fit ones bring the coffee, they only have to look fit...
not take the interviews ;)

but good luck.
use deo.
brush teeth.
wear clothes.
get in a good handshake, tells them a lot about you apparently. strong=confidence or something like that

try not to break their hand though... thats taking it a bit far
Fix your vision on the interviewer's ear so it seems you're looking at them without trying to stare them down eye to eye.
not ears.. hairs... :p I haven't had a job interview.. a couple of newspaper interviews and some for the TV but not for a job... so, I'm sorry i'm just wasting ur time by making u read all this.. :p
be yourself.

Ignore him. He is a deluded juvenille, categorically making false statements to make you fall flat on your face in the interview.
We all know that if Charlie is "himself" in the interview they're gonna laugh him out of the room.
Poor chump doesn't have a chance, that's why he's set this topic up: for us to help him blag his way through.

I certainly need help with interviews, I've had two for part time jobs(easy I would have thought) yet not got a job.

First time I think it was because of nerves and being too quiet.

Then the second time i was overconfident and very chatty(my usual self) So I may have appeared cocky.

Oh well, onwards and upwards

Well I didn't get the last Job, I was second Favourite, the bloke who got had more experience than me...

I now have another Interview for another Job, that I forgot I applied for... this will be happening on Friday... Wooooo
Good luck on your job interview this Friday. Sorry to hear you didn't get the last job you applied for. At least you had recent experience of a job interview, so you should be fine with this one.
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Take a ghetto-blaster/boom box/cd player and do a dance to some music like that beer ad that took off that movie.

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