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is ncaa football available for euro playstation 3?



i really like college football and ncaa 08 seems like a more rounded game than madden. can i buy it for my ps3 here in ireland? also, and this is a dumb question but is there a difference between american ps3 games and euro ones? i'm guessing there is but just checking in case i can buy it from the states .
NCAA Football has never been given a European release. Ever as far as i'm aware.

I am told that PS3's are region-free, however EA have a reputation for region-locking their games. I know all EA 360 ***les are region-locked, but I honestly have no idea if the same applies to their PS3 ***les.

I'm being really helpful today, aren't I?
I've read elsewhere that all games are region free, and the only issues are potential difficulties when trying to play online or download updates.

I am likewise tempted to import NCAA, and am currently looking at it from the point of view that I'd rather play it offline than not at all...

This thread on EA games seems to suggest that people have got it to work without any problem

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