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It’s going to hurt for awhile - Ireland 2024

Frisch called up by France. Could be a missed opportunity for Ireland with McCloskey rumoured to be heading overseas.
Think McCloskey is locked in for next season (according to a couple of tweets I saw). Jamie Osbourne already ahead of Frisch, I reckon Frawley and Jimmy O'Brien are too. Connacht have a bit of a baller in Cathal Forde too who, whilst not at Frisch's level just yet, is 5 years younger and certainly not miles away.

He'd be a nice to have at most rather than need to have.

A lot of twitter having a go at Farrell and the IRFU but it's a French guy not good enough to get into recent Ireland squads going to, potentially, play for France. Let it develop and move on from there I think.
To be fair at current time I think Frisch is a better 13 than all mentioned by a bit. Osborne has potential but needs to convert potential in to breaking in to squads. Jimmy O B and Frawley are ahead as centres but neither are 13s and I think the Frawley experiment may die soon.
Frisch is 27 and nice bridge too between young and old. Wheather we like it or not Aki, Henshaw and McCloskey will all be done in next 24 to 36 months.
On McCloskey he has another year but Ulster have offered an early release.

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