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I've Quit My Job



Well, I've quit my job this morning.
My boss ****** me way off, and I set things straight.

I'm an outside salesman...I work with my clients in more of a PR way than actual sales, but that's beside the point.
I took friday of last week off to deal with immigration crap with my wife (social security has declared her legally dead we've found out). I came into work on Saturday to meet with clients, which my boss knows, because we had a conversation. Our HR lady, however only knows that I was out on friday, and doesn't see me 'round the office on monday, and, even though it's not her place, checks up on me via the walkie-talkie function on my blackberry (please tell me you people in Europe and Southern H. are not obsessed with those...the direct-connect thing blows). I tell her where I'm at...but she doesn't buy it...I can only presume she thinks I just took off friday and went on a holiday or something. So, an hour later my boss beeps me wanting to know my exact location and wants a report on his desk of all that I've done for the day.
Now, let me be clear...I'm good at what I do...I bust my ass, and my customers appreciate me...I've gone above and beyond for this company and have always been responsible, respectful, and have communicated what my agenda is and what my goals are.
So, I beep my boss back and say, "is there a problem?" NO RESPONSE...so I page him (these phones are very clear when a page is accepted and when it doesn't go through)...he recieves, but does not respond. I repeat three times...finally I just beep in and say "excuse me, is there a problem?" NO RESPONSE.
By this point he's ****** me right off. How f___ing rude!?! I don't care if he owns the company, respond to me. I respond to him on his every whim, right?
Let me further clarify by saying my boss is completely ADD...very bad socially, a control freak and quite frankly rude. He gets by somehow, but barely...customers always complain, but he usually has decent staff around him to make up for it.
So, I didn't go in, I went home, ******.
This morning (having in mind that he's broken the camels back) I go straight in to his office and ask him point blank, "What was yesterday afternoon all about?" He proceeds to tell me that I don't respond to customers (to which he can't actually name any...'cause there are none) and he needed to know what exactly I was doing. I told him, I was seeing clients as usual. Then I asked him what about my performance strikes his immediate interest..."I bust my ass for you, I come in extra, I do manual labour when it's not required, and I help everyone else out with their clients." He says that's not the attitude I needed to have, and "It's this simple, give me a list of where you were yesterday." I said, "No, it's this simple, I quit. You provide no backup for me, have a chaotic work environment with lots of in-fighting, your head of HR who is supposed to regulate stuff talks crap about employees to other employees in the lunch room. This is a job that requires trust and respect, all of which I've given you and have yet to be returned. I want my last paycheck, my vacation time and my commission..." Now you'd expect, he'd actually be looking at me, but no...he's trying to read email while we're talking...so I say "You can't even focus for this one moment on this one conversation..." to which he literally looks down at his fingers and realizes he's typing (no one calls him on being an ass like that) and then actually looks me in the eyes. "I'll grab a box and be out of here peacefully."
So, I have a lot of other drama in my life, but for now, I'm just a part time bouncer.
C'est la vie. No more "Mawbul Cawluhms."
Good on ya mate. I`ve always wondered why so few of us workhorses get the respect and recognition that we deserve.

My story, from about 5 years back- at my previous company, I slaved away, 12-15 hours a day, 6 days a week, in order to meet the necessary production targets. Cost me what I considered, at the time, to be a pretty promising rugby career. Busted my ass, juggling 3-4 departments sometimes, and was always willing to do the dreaded night-shifts. Now, running a night shift in a SA factory environment, especially on a Sunday evening, means having to deal with at least 40% absenteeism, a severely hung-over shopfloor staff, and the inevitable disciplinary procedures to initiate the following evening. FFS, I probably spent more than half my time at work just on staff discipline. Now to juggle the production schedules and QA requirements into the mix. And, in some instances, even jump in to perform operating duties on a tablet press, should the need be great. And my reward for this? Getting crapped on, religiously, every single Monday morning at the OPP meeting.

So when, after 2 years of dealing with this kind of shite, I eventually called it quits, guess what our CEO does? Offers me a counter-offer to my new employment. FFS, that`s like telling me:"Thanks for being a dope for us these last 2 years, we underpaid you by about 20%, that`s why I can now offer you a 20% raise." Fkn idiot.

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