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ok so hes just reitred but what a man played in 3 world cup finals(1 league) great great talent in both codes someone write this man a decent article for one of the best counter attacked england has ever produced
More then likely a certain addition to the Hall of Fame, but to nominate you need to wrine a full article about him.
Jason Thorpe Robinson MBE can only be described as an iconic figure in modern rugby. As an integral part of England's RWC 03' campaign Robinson came to fame due to his excellent counter attacking skill coupling great pace with an amazing ability to read the defence from any position and take full advantage of a gap or weakness.

Robinson was born on the 30th of July, 1974 in Leeds. He started his professional league career at local club Hunslet. His obvious talent attracted the likes of Leeds and in 1992 he joined Wigan Warriors. Over eight years at the club he would go on to score 685 points and win 6 championships. He went on to represent England in the 1995 World Cup where they reached the final on home soil only to lose 16-8 to holders Australia.

In 2000 Robinson changed codes from league to union joining Premiership club, Sale Sharks. Robinson became something of a hero to the Sale crowd helping them to lift the Premiership in 2006 aswell as the european challange cup in 2002 and 2005. In his last game for the club he scored the winning try against Bath to further cement his cult status at the club.

At international level Robisnson Reperesnted England 50 times scoring 28 tries in the process including a vital one against Australia in the 2003 World Cup Final, which England would go on to win. AT this world cup Robinson was vital to England's cause featuring in all seven games. He went on to feature in his third world cup final in 2007 but on this occasion England came out second best to a superior South African team yet restored some pride after thy where handed a 36-0 demolition by the same opposition in the pool stages. On that day Robinson was the only bright spark on an otherwise black day for English Rugby.

Robinson was capped by the the British and Irish Lions on 5 occasions, scoring 2 tries in the 2001 tour to Australia. One of the defining moments of the tour was his try in the first test where he embarrased Chris Latham, one of the games top fullbacks to race through He holds the record for most tries scored by a Lion in one game, recording 5 in a warm up on the same tour.

Robinson decided to hang up his playing boots after the 2007 world cup after a glittering career in both codes. A true rugby legend, a great ambassador for the game and a great guy in general, Robinson will be sorely missed by all of those who associate themselves with rugby.
theres no way robinson should be in if gregan wasnt allowed in... sorry. [/b]

Gregan wasn't allowed in because he hadn't retired... Robinson has officially Retired now...
Are you joking? Compare Robinson to any of the hall of fame inductees and there's daylight. Yes, he was superb, but you need to be a godsend to be inducted. For example, Christian Cullen compared to Jase is a non contest in terms of full backs, for that matter look at Blanco. No way is he a future hall of famer.
I would also like to add a small bit about Jason's strength of character. The bloke was one of those insane party boys who drank every night. Later on, he woke up and turned back to Christianity,and was able to put family first.
My 2 cents worth- look, Robinson was a magnificently gifted player, lion-hearted and all that, but- was he undoubtedly the best of his generation in his position? If you look at some of his contemporaries, Latham, Cullen et al, well I don`t know. Not wanting to slight his contribution- I mean, he won a RWC and all, but I just feel that one needs to have been the best, the very,very best, of his generation to be included.

There`s a lot of good argument in his favour, but it remains debatable whether he was the outright best 15 of his generation IMO.
<_< He was amazing but not so sure if he should be in the Hall of Fame. He's worked very hard but sure... we'll see what happens. <_<
I remember Jason more in his Rugby League days but seeing him play in the world cup was great, to me he was the reason to watch the english side
There`s a lot of good argument in his favour, but it remains debatable whether he was the outright best 15 of his generation IMO.

Surely you could argue that he is the best dual code international though. There can't be many who've achieved more in his generation or any other.
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There`s a lot of good argument in his favour, but it remains debatable whether he was the outright best 15 of his generation IMO.

Surely you could argue that he is the best dual code international though. There can't be many who've achieved more in his generation or any other.

[/b][/quote] To be perfectly honest, my knowledge of League is extremely limited, so I`ll let the League fans battle that one out. Suffice to say, for me he was one of the best League converts. One of very few who made a big impact on Union though, I`ll give you that.

But still, if you look at the fullbacks we`ve got inducted in the HOF- JPR Williams, Gavin Hastings, Pierre Villepreux- Robinson just doesn`t quite sit in that type of company from a purely Union point of view. And considering that some all-time greats like Serge Blanco, Don Clarke, Andy Irvine and Roger Gould aren`t included yet, well....look, I won`t object to him making it, he`s an excellent and exciting player, and a past RWC winner. But there have been better who are still waiting patiently to be inducted.
He might not always have been the best, but he had flashes of brilliance like no other. I don't think I've ever seen anyone get the crowd at a match so excited either, even when he's been having a bad day- he'd get the ball deep and your pulse would start going up.
Well I wrote the JPR Williams article myself, so I think everyone knows where I stand on him. :p

I think, to be honest, that for some of these guys it's merely a case of the nomination having never been suggested, not that they don't deserve it. I mean Blanco is a legend of the game, but I wouldn't feel comfortable writing his nomination myself, having not seen enough of him to fully appreciate his genius. Once someone with better knowledge nominates him I can't see him getting rejected somehow.
Cheers Webby. Same way I feel about Villepreux, having done the nomination article for him. Seeing as we have several very good Kiwi and Aussie posters on here, I`ll leave the nominations of Clarke and Gould to them. (subtle hint gents- get involved in the HOF nominations!) Might have a go at Blanco in the future, when I`m not that busy at work.

But back to the topic- being a very successful dual international, and obviously having made a big contribution to Union, I guess his nomination is in order. I still have some reservations, as I`ve already pointed out. But he certainly won`t disgrace the illustrious company he`ll be in if inducted though.

And Jonty- love the username, inspired by a certain cricket fielding genius no doubt?- you do raise a very valid point. Greatness on the rugby field isn`t just measured in statistics, but also in the way a player can entertain and thrill the crowds. So (hint, hint!) one of our Kiwi posters had better nominate Christian Cullen too.
The username is indeed inspired by a certain cricket fielding genius! Also by the fact I'm fortunate enough to be called Jon(athan) T, so jonty arrives naturally. Anyway, I digress... you capture my point precisely- truly great players (and truly awful!) should live long in the memory and attain something of a mythic nature- what better way to inspire new converts to our great sport than through telling tales of great (perhaps superhuman?) exploits- technical proficiency is and should be attractive to the die-hard rugby fan, but the neutral loves the unusual talent or event- hence the love of Jonny Wilkinson here in the UK. Hence Habana, with his seemingly un-natural pace, will surely be a future folk hero in rugby lore, despite not necessarily being the best all-round player; Jonah Lomu presumably comes into this category as well.
As for Hall of Fame i don't know. What i do know is at his prime Billy was a rare breed. Someone who caused all watching to take a short intake of breath everytime he had his hands on the ball- probably one of the most exciting runners of a rugby ball i have ever seen. possibly not a complete player, no jack of all trades, but with ball in hand and the wind on his back he was surely the master of one.
Robinson was the bane of my life for what seemed like an eternity and even I wouldn't object to him getting the nod.

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