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Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by stormmaster1, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. stormmaster1

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    Amazing how many coaches have gone in the past 10 days. I wonder if they have been the right decisions. The first time i remember a coach saying judge me on the world cup was Woodward. We did, and called for his head following the q/f exit to south africa. But he stayed in, continued making progress and the rest as they say is history. So far Jenkins, Henry and Connely have been dumped. Have these been the right decisions? I for one think Jenkins could have done more with a couple more years. Certainly in any other nation Henry would have had a good chance of staying. He coached the All Blacks to be the best team in the world since the last world cup. A great side. They played fantastic rugby and hardly lost. They won Tri Nations titles and kept the Bledisloe cup, followed up with demolition tours of the NH. They arrived at the world cup as overwhelming favourites, with a strength in depth that could cope with any injuries. OK thye lost the QF they needed to win, but if i wanted someone to build NZ towards 2011 i'd want this man. I think NZ have made a mistake in letting him go.
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  3. 36crazyfist

    36crazyfist Guest

    i agree. you slip up, and they fire you. this is wrong in so many ways. just the wealth of knowledge and experience he possess is amazing.

    but on the other side, you must at least ask yourself, that if the all blacks won the world cup, would henry stayed on as coach?
  4. melon

    melon Guest

    He wasn't dumped. He was planning to leave at the end of the World Cup regardless of the result.
  5. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    He wasn't dumped. He was planning to leave at the end of the World Cup regardless of the result.

    Apologies for the error. Would he have gone if it wasn't already planned?

    Also wondering if EOS is counting his lucky stars given Ireland's early exit, or is he going to lead Ireland to glory in 2011?

    HOMERJ Guest

    Comical Eddie was smart enough to get a contract extension prior to the World Cup! I can guarantee that Eddie will make sure to get rid of his backroom staff in the fallout. The IRFU also don't want to look foolish by getting rid of a guy they just handed an extension to also I'm not sure about the terms of the contract but it could be quiet expensive to remove Eddie.
  7. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    Given that the recent strength of the Irish team (this WC notwithstandnig) has been based on consistency, maybe keeping EOS is good for the Irish. Keeping Woodward when it looked like he should go turned out to be good for English rugby.

    HOMERJ Guest

    Problem is Eddie has had the same 15 for far too long! Don't get me wrong, Eddie has a great rugby brain and has every play down to a tee but that's his problem, when things are not going well in games (important games which they tend to bottle in) the players are so over coached they can't adapt their game. I don't know if Eddie is the man to build for the next WC, quite a number of the team have two years left in them but not 4! will Eddie take the plunge and start playing guys who he knows will be around for the next WC? I can't see that happening.
  9. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    The All Blacks should have followed Ireland's lead and kept their Head Coach. Sure O'Sullivan has short commings, but every head coach does. What we know is that Eddie (Captain Birdseye to some of you) knows how to pull an Irish Team together. Ireland do not have the depth that other great rugby nations have, yet he consistently turns out great teams that challenge. Unfortunately something went pear-shaped this World Cup. Henry has to be one of the top coaches in the world. He put together a beautifully strong team, one that shocked the world with their strength and intensity. It seems like a silly decision to me. I understand firing a crap coach, but I wouldn't classify Henry as a crap coach. NZ didn't play France well. Sometimes it's just down to the players. It's like a pro team firing all the players after a disapointing final loss...it just doesn't happen.
  10. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Arrrr! Thar be choppy waters off the starboard bow! But the good sloop Ireland shall plod along on its usual course Arrr!
  11. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    New Zealand Law is simple.

    Win the World Cup or Fall on your sword.

    Failure to fall on your sword will result in being burnt at the stake.
  12. Bring on Robbie Deans, not only do we have player depth but we always we also have coach depth as well, we house every cup bar the world cup and i think it will stay that way for a while. Where not good at knock out series but where damn good at every other erea
  13. Lardinho

    Lardinho Guest

    I think Gareth Jenkins was always going to go, I don't think he had ample time to get the team together and any coach should have at least 3 years before a world cup to set-up although its not just on the world cup I think he was kicked out. Its mainly because of his atrocious selections and disjointed run-in to the world cup.

    Connolly really should have known England were going to come out stomping and dominate them in the scrum, he should have fielded a better scrummaging front row and made sure that the Aus were up for it, they underestimated them and got smashed at the breakdown. So yeah, he is right to go too. Even though had Mortlock not been unlucky with that last kick, they would be through, not deservedly though and that Aussie team is classy enough to have beaten England by 10 points, even with England playing at the top of their game.

    With Henry, sadly its the way it works in NZ, yes the players didn't play with as much passion as the French and yes they should have tried a number of drop goals towards the end, they had plenty of time. Neither of those are Henry's fault though and unlike the Aussies vs. England, the Kiwis were not outplayed by any means, they totally dominated the game and no amount of coaching could change the fact that they would have won had it not been for some frankly astonishing decisions by the ref. I do think the French player over-reacted when he was blocked, but I do believe the Kiwi didn't stop and the excuse "I was holding my line" doesn't wash in my opinion, he could have stopped and actively chose not to. The yellow card was harsh, but he made his own bed. Even though that happened, NZ still should have won, the ref should have given them a pen when they tried a drop goal knowing it should have been a pen kick had it missed. Also the French should have been penalised countless times in the later phases towards the French try-line. All this not mentioning the forward pass that led to the try.

    I've been a rugby fan since 1987 and since about 1994 onwards it became more and more apparent that the Kiwis always played on the very edge of the game, spoiling the ball at rucks then blaming others for slowing the game down. For years the Kiwis have been getting away with forward passes leading to tries that were never contested, in fact, its almost become to be expected. From going off their feet at the breakdown, going over the top, killing the ball, forward passing, blocking etc. the All Blacks finally had a taste of their own medicine. Yes, they are the best team in the world, yes they didn't deserve to lose to France and yes they should feel hard done by. Although every other team has been used to getting reverse treatment vs. the All Blacks, its not so nice when the shoe is on the other foot. I don't think Henry should go, I don't think he deserves to go. I think his 1 mistake was leaving Howlett out of the side, but I doubt it would have changed the score.
  14. grebeo

    grebeo Guest

    I have a dream Joel Judge will be the referee for the 3rd place final
  15. As for a NH player looking into NZ backround you know nothing about how we work, drop goals and ariel ping pong style of play is not our specialty so we should of kept the ball in hand over those dying seconds. Yes our open style didnt work for us, but it always works every other time but I only hope that we dont get fooled into playing NH style rugby ever again. Yes it won the french the game but Its slow and unattractive
  16. esoj

    esoj Guest

    Henry was always going to go after the world cup regardless of the result. So NZ would have to look for a new coach anyway and I wouldn't be suprised if they announced Henry's successor within the next few weeks.
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