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Kicking Tee



Now, I'm a pretty decent kicker, but I've always just kicked a divot in the pitch to use as my tee. Now I'm thinking perhaps I should get a tee just to help with the longer distance kicks.

Trouble is I'm not sure what I should get. I've seen 3.2cm tall ones, 4.5cm tall ones and telescopic ones, but I dunno what advantages each of them has :(

If you need any information about my kicking style or range, just ask, but any help you can give will be much appreciated :)

P.S. These are the ones I've been looking at:
Gilbert Precision 450
Gilbert Precision 320
Optimum Adjustable Tee
I just use a simple Canterbury red one. The most important thing is to be able to hit the sweet spot, and any tee will do that for you provided you set the ball up right.
It's more about what you're comfortable with. There's no tee which gives the ultimate solution. Some people prefer those shitty little orange cones as tees, they're not fancy but practical. I'd suggest (if you haven't done so already) you try and borrow different kinds of tees from people and do some kicking practice with them and determine which one you feel most at ease with. Sticking with the more conventional ones and being used to them is also a good idea because you don't know if you go to another pitch and find you have to borrow someone else's tee.
Cheers, mate. In the end, I ended up buying the telescopic one. Only 2 quid more than the 45mm tall one and I can vary the height. Bargain, tbh :)
Aight. well this is probably the smartest choice especially since you weren't sure. Good luck becoming the next Jonny Wilkinson of kicking.
tell us what you think of it, i thought the higher the tee the more air you could get on the ball but what do i know? i was just a hooker in my days :D

that sounds so wrong
I reckon the closer you are to the goal, the higher you should have the tee so you can get the necessary lift on the ball. Further away, you'll want the distance, therefore a lower trajectory and hence a lower tee height.

Still, when I get it, I'll take it down my local field and give it a few test kicks :p
With that kind of logic, you'd have to send the ball in a pretty straight line to slot it from away. I'd suggest getting used to one consistent height as it affects the way the strike the ball the way you follow through etc.
Hi im new to this rugby forum site. Im wondering if anyone has or knows where to buy a "Halligan 2000" kicking tee (yellow). desperatley need one and cant seem to find one anywhere in nz stores or overseas or one the internet. I woukld also be keen to buy one off somone if possible cheers thanks for your time.....​
Hi thanks for reply. unfortunately no - its quite an old tee that i had but has worn out. its like the 3rd tee on that link "Joey supertee" but it is 10 cm in height. so basically the same as that but higher.
Use Dan carter's super tee. It's brilliant if you kick the ball the proper way--standing mostly upright

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