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Larkham honors edinburgh deal



aussie stephen larkham is to honor his move to edinburgh even with all the commotion over owed money to edinburgh from the SRU and the attempt of edinburgh to resign from the SRU
Edinburgh are leaving because according to Bob Carruthers, the club owner, the SRU owes tham abotu £200,000.

Good to hear Larkham is coming, even if he has to play with academy players.
Yeh edinburgh could really be doing with Larkham, because theyve lost two experienced players in Murray and Paterson, not to mention the fact they've also lost some of their more talented players i.e. Dewey. All in all then good news for them that hes going to still come.
its too bad hes going off to scotland cant watch him anymore from where i am :(
Well Edinburghh have left the SRU, re-joined and seemingly negated the deal that kept them as a franchise (meaning they are now completley private). SRU claim they must pay £1.4m and cannot play or train at Murrayfield. Persoanlly, I think the SRU are just taking a hissy fit. THey should grow up and realise that this will not help the national game.

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