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The game is DEFINITELY coming out this year, and you may see some in game footage very soon.... could even be in the next 2 days!
Originally posted by .:kaftka:.@Sep 17 2005, 10:24 PM
Okay. Excellent. What's wrong with it then? Is it crap?
Mmmm, I wouldn't go so far as saying it's crap, but it's not the game I was hoping it to be!
Too many things similar to WCR for my liking.

A few points of note after first play:
  • WCR with better graphics
  • Big Hit button still there
    - Hit them head on and ball is lost
  • Dodgy AI
  • Slow. Forwards are still WAAAAAYYYY too S L O W
  • Same 5 second speed bursts
And the good?
  • Offloads are in
  • Plays more like Lomu than WCR
  • Better graphics. Smaller, but better
  • .Much more in depth
More soon!
mmmmm....im not feeling gud bout this lol

but u said its similar to lomu which isnt bad!..but u said its similar to wcr..very similar

which is bad...errrr

im gonna have sleep with some panadol pills...
gameplay is what matters most!...hopefully they have sliders to stop the big hit knock ons...
and they forwards are once again slow????....well hopefully they implemented a edit and create a player


soundin allrite...locksley u sly guy i hope ur not pulling my leg!!!
coz i need that leg im going for a run tommorrow!

seriously tho u hyped up rugby05 by saying its the best..well as a whole yes!..but gameplay wise no

is the gameplay on this anymore fun then wcr and any more better then the competition!?
Well, the inclusion of offloads raises my spirits, as, in my opinion, that was the most imporatant feature which was lacking in WCR. Rugby 2005 backs this up I think.
How about jumps? I remember for WCR they said they tried including a jump button, but it didn't work. Have they included one this time?
wcr has got the best kick chasers for wingers...and the best back up/support runners, well i cant wiat

rugby games....i love it!
Yeah, there were some ingenius ideas in WCR, such as the speed boost after the grubber. Unfortunately, that made it **** easy to score tries.
Also, locksley, What's the kicking system like? Both Goalkicking and general kicking. Is it the same?
although i was surprised that they included wilkinsons stance when kicking for goal...

well good luck to the game...hope its fun like rugby!
potential leak - what the hell is wrong with them - they were praising the bloody game - thats good publicity

i wasnt going to buy the bloody thing - but now - thanks to the good reviews i am.

bloody hell - pathetic.
ok when is the game out does anyone know - on game there saying the xbox version is out in three days.
Play.com has it as coming out on the 28 October. Feeling quite smug that I ordered it whilst it was only £17-99!
this is a joke.

i want the game footage cant someone send it to me on the sly.
Originally posted by loratadine@Sep 19 2005, 11:25 PM
potential leak - what the hell is wrong with them - they were praising the bloody game - thats good publicity

i wasnt going to buy the bloody thing - but now - thanks to the good reviews i am.

bloody hell - pathetic.
You refer to them in your post, as far as I know, Swordfish actually haven't said anything on the matter. We, the TRF team, me in particular, decided it would be best just to put things on ice until we do hear back from them. Which I hope will be soon.
This blows total anal

Was looking forward coming into work watching a few locks vids

Now we got nudda

JLR2 on the cards - get a sniff - get pulled away

Send us an email if the subjects a little hush hush


I need sum more
It's not me making the call mate, nor Swordfish. Just JJ being careful I suppose.

That's it for me. I'm calling it a day with my posts, info, news and vids etc.

If there's a forum here to talk about Rugby Challenge, and we do talk about the actual game and what it contains, but it gets pulled - Then what's the point?

Nice knowing you fellas

Keep well

Well, what a mess. An Absolute joke.

I know a lot of idle, "I won't buy this game now", threats get made when something like happens, but this will almost certainly cause a strong reaction from people. I know the company supplies funds to this website through advertising, but this is absolute censorship, a company in fear, obviously, that their product may not cut the mustard, has decided to close down discussion on their product.

Either your game is good or its bad, but either way, it needs discussion and hype, and I for one, talk to everyone I know about upcoming sports games that I find on this site.
This is a very sad reaction.
Locksley, you've helped me make up my mind on gaming purchases, and I only hope we see you back.
Swordfish are not to blame for the current censorship. I have had to do things because someone was worried that someone might get in serious trouble through tracking IP addresses.

If you're patient and locksley reads the PM I sent him we might see a whole lot of info soon.

Edit - Please make sure you have read the Apology topic, it might clear a few things up

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