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Leicester v Cardiff - Pool 4


An Tarbh

Leicester know a win will set up a winner takes all clash in Thomond Park on the final day so complacency could be their downfall in this clash with the Cardiff Blues. The Blues proved themselves to be quite the nut to crack for Munster when they played at Thomond Park and if their defence can hold like it did in Limerick then Leicester could be in for a tough afternoon, especially if they get a ref who allows them cheat so effectively as they did in Limerick. A card happy ref and it could be a tough day in Leicester for the Blues.

If Leicester hit the ground running though they could well be in for a relatively easy afternoon and should they get the 5 points it will put the pressure right back on Munster in Geneva and Bourgoin have proved at home in the HEC that it's not that easy for visiting teams to get the full haul so that could add even more spice to the final day tie at Thomond Park.
Hmmm... Do I want to see Leicester crash out now, or do I want to see them dump Munster out and potentally see them later in the tournament against Northampton...

Decisions, decisions...
There is a bit of a dilemma there alright for us as well. Normally I would only want Munster to lose when they're playing us, but if both teams keep going as they are then they're likely to face each other at some point and they just seem to have the hex on us in the really big games so Leinster would certainly prefer to take on Leicester that's for sure. Obviously Leicester would still be no cake walk but there's not the psychological baggage with that fixture.

That said it's hard to see any team beating this current Munster crop at Thomond Park, the streak might not be broken until the redevelopment is finished.
The streak will not be broken. Supporters of Leinster and Northampton should sit on the knee of mighty Munster and ... relax there, peel off their socks, and listen to some wisdom. Once the message has been delivered on the pitch, they will be treated with some kindness.

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