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Leinster Rugby couldn't organise



So at the end of last season Leinster decide to auction off the player's jersey to raise money for girl's rugby, my and my friend bid for John McWeeney's jersey and got it for 30 euro (as opposed to the retail price of 80 euro). The jerseys were supposed to be presented to us by the players after Friday's pre-season friendly against Northampton. (McWeeney got released at the end of last season by the by). Anyway I get this email today, can't figure out for the life of me what it actually means for me.

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      Hi All,

      I would personally like to thank all of you for your support of the Leinster squad and for helping to raise well needed money for women's rugby.

      The jerseys will be available to collect from 6.30pm prior to the Leinster V Northampton match this Friday 26th in the Leinster Rugby Store. Payment will be required on collection. We can accept cash, cheque, visa, MasterCard or Laser on the night.

      Unfortunately those players that are no longer with Leinster will be available at a later date and we will post them out to the addresses provided to us.

      Due to unforeseen circumstances a large number of last season's jerseys are not available and we would like to offer you this season's jersey signed by your player. Please confirm your acceptance of this as soon as possible in order for us to ensure that you can collect this jersey on Friday.

      Last season's jerseys that are available are both the Home and Away Jerseys for the following 15 players.

      1- Reggie Corrigan
      2- Shane Byrne
      3- Emmett Byrne
      4- Malcolm O'Kelly
      5- Ben Gissing
      6- Eric Miller
      7- Keith Gleeson
      8- Victor Costello
      9- Guy Easterby
      10- Felipe Contepomi
      11- Denis Hickie
      12- Gordon D'Arcy
      13- Brian O'Driscoll
      14- Shane Horgan
      15- Girvan Dempsey

      And the Home jerseys for the following 9 players;

      2- Gavin Hickie
      5- Leo Cullen
      6- Aidan McCullen
      9- Brian O'Meara
      9- Brian O'Riordan
      10- David Holwell
      11- Kieran Lewis
      12- David Quinlan
      15- James Norton

      Should your jersey not be on this list please contact me as soon as possible to ensure that your jersey will be there on Friday.

      We apologise for any inconvenience caused by such late notification and we thank you for your continued support.

      Yours In Rugby

      Caitríona Bergin
      Women’s Rugby Development Officer
      Leinster Branch
      Fax: 01 2693033
      [email protected][/b]

I think I might just try to get the new jersey off them for 30 euro. Well there's the rant, don't know if anyone cares but that's your problem.
Nothing would surprise me anymore with Leinster rugby after some of the shambolic goings on this year.
i can't imagine the likes of shane jennings would be too interested in signing their Leinster jerseys considering they told the branch to more or less go f*** themselves at the end of last season.

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