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Lifting jumpers while ball still in play.

Correct. John Eales jumped up and caught a long range penalty goal attempt before it could go over the posts whilst playing for the Reds I think. They changed the rules after that so you couldn't do it. He wasn't being lifted though, just jumped by himself.

There were a few incidents other incidents of people actually using lifters to get up and block kicks though.
I can't remember if it was for the All Blacks or the Blues, but one time Troy Flavell was lifted up and caught a penalty kick. Then he threw the ball down as if the act of him catching it had caused play to stop, everyone looked at him like he was a retard and the opposition got a scrum right on the 5 metre inthe middle of the field. I think it got banned after that game because they had been lifting Flavell at every penalty.
it is defiantly allowed. But this is what you have to be careful of in any situation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_wDrU0Hm1k

when you lift a play if you get infront of him when you put him back to the ground then your offside, obstructing the opposition from forming a maul.

I am 25 have just started refing after playing since I was 9, got a bad injury so decided to ref for a year in order to rest the injury. Came on here to test my self and field a few questions.

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