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Wondering if you guy's know of any links that I could either hear the game or to even be able to watch it,,,,
please post reply,,
Currently I live in the USA,
snd know of media Zone but have no interest in paying $100.00 to watch it...
Well i doubt you'll find anywhere that streems live games for free.

If you wanna listen to it on the radio, you can just try the local radio stations of the teams involved.

http://www.adonline.id.au/radio/ you can use that site to find games involving Australian teams.....

Just click on the state that the team you wish to watch comes from, then scroll through list of stations to find that cities sports channel.

6PR plays Western Force games in perth

Maybe some of the members from other cities can tell you which station plays the games where the are.
Thanks for the help guy's,
in my searches I have found something you all might like,
Called TASS here's the link
Has some rugby on there, and said they would put a couple of Super 14 games on,,
also shows Six nations,
They do Charge for it and service can suck some times but all in all a great site for people that cant get their fix.
If you have Directv you can order Setanta Sports to get most of the Super 14, 6 Nations, H-Cup, Magners League and Guinness Premiership. It's an extra $15 on top of your regular subscription. It's brilliant.
There are other ways of subscribing too!

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