Llanelli Scarlets current situation...

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Rugby_Cymru, Nov 28, 2006.

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    Aye someone had better save them!

    To be honest I have heared that the WRU are not the ones who are coughing the cash up. I have been told by a source near Llanelli that a businesmen will buy the club and then sell it back to them or give them the money.

    I hope they dont go. Probably the most historic rugby side in the Northen Hemeshpire!
  4. Why?

    There are older club sides around.
  5. Symclaw

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    Oh here we go...
  6. loratadine

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    yes there is but it would be hard to say which side is the most historically rich side within the nh, i mean cases could be made for sides such as bath and munster, but its all about opinions it is my belief tht the scarlets are the heartbeat of welsh rugby, and are steeped so much in tradition and passion, that they are the most historic club in the nh, but thts just my opinion, and im hugely biased.
  7. :rolleyes:

    I love the Llanelli. Saints have had some titanic matches with them in the Heineken Cup. They are hugely traditional and have a long backlist of great players.

    I just wanted to point out that they aren't THE most historic club in the NH. Preston Grasshoppers pre-date them for example.
  8. Prestwick

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  9. loratadine

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    haha lol

    very good

    i think he meant historic thought in regards of like tradition and heritage, not so much of the year it was founded.
  10. Surely an older club would have an even greater sense of tradition and heritage?

    This is the most pointless debate ever, I knew the initial comment was a mistake.
  11. loratadine

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    if somethings older it doesnt mean it has better traditions and customs i mean england are the oldest rugby nation, but have f*** all customs and no tradition compared to the welsh or the all blacks.
  12. The word used was "historic". This implies age, not tradition.

    It's also ******** to say that England have no tradition in rugby. Twickenham itself is known as 'the home of rugby'. Pretty traditional if you ask me.

    The song 'Swing Low' is also an integral part of English rugby tradition. It's the song of English fans. It gets sung every game.

    I don't see that Wales have a greater number of traditions than England, while it is only the Haka which sets NZ apart.

    They are all traditional heavyweights of rugby, with pretty much the same rooted tradition.
  13. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    swing low sweet chariot,can anyone tell me how england begane to sing tht song, i mean serious i really dont know, how did it become and english rugby song and when?
  14. According to the magic of Wikipedia, it's actually only been associated with England rugby since 1988, which suprised me a little. What a great year for the world that was though.

  15. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    ahhh so swing low isnt reall steeped tht much in history, i thought it went back alot longer thn that.
  16. Cymro

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    FFS some people have to go off on one. Llanelli (as much as it pain me to say this) have a very traditional and a pride in Wales. they are the heartbeat and need to be preserved.

  18. Perhaps the WRU should do what the SRU did and franchise their top team. There surley business men in Wales who would want to invest in a quality rugby team?
  19. Rugby_Cymru

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    That IS how it works in Wales. Our clubs are franchises.
    Mike Cuddy owns Ospreys, Stuart Gallacher owns Scarlets (and has now pulled out leaving the WRU to bail them out), Dragon were left by their money man (and the WRU had to bail them out), and i can't remember who's the big money man in Blues.

    It is a very unstable way for our professionals to live when these guys can just pull out whenever they get uncomfortable.
    Financially speaking Ospreys are the only club that could survive on their own feet now without their money man.
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