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Llanelli v Toulouse - Pool 5


An Tarbh

One of the matches of the weekend and again it's not being shown live by Sky. If the Scarlets can come away with the victory, which I'd expect them to do in what should be a closely fought contest, then they should be well set for a quarter final spot. Toulouse will have a lot to prove after their last away performance in Belfast but while they will improve on that I think Scarlets will have too much in the finish.
you'd have thought so but not even the French are showing this one live either. But Sky are taking the ****, showing the Borders match with Biarritz but not this one, for the last few seasons their Heineken Cup coverage has been excellent but this season they seem to have lost the plot with some of their match choices.
I honestly don't see Scarlets pulling this one out of the bag.
They haven't been playing well as of late, and i just don't see Toulouse having THAT bad a Heineken Cup.

That's just the pessimist coming out in me when i start thinking about Welsh clubs in Europe.
I still think home advantage will just edge this one in the Scarlet's favour although from an Ulster perspective a Toulouse win opens this group right up.
Bad run of form, what the hell do you call a good run of form then, before that mickey mouse EDF cup match with Sale you'd won at least 6 matches in a row, ridiculous statement.

Anyway not suprised that Llanelli have come away with the win but from the sounds of it, it was a close call as Toulouse missed a drop late on but Llanelli could well book their place next week with a win in Toulouse which might be easier given the loss for the French today so maybe a lack of interest.
I watched thw highlights, The Scarlets where very lucky to win the game. It took alot of phases for the scarlets to score tries, whereas Toulouse only took 2-3 phases.
Scarlets will have no chance though.
Well we'll see, a couple of things were put in perspective, Irish are a far better side when they have their first choice second rows, does seem to be a formidable platform for them, both attacking and defensively and that was missing when Scarlets went to Reading, still not taking away from the back play of Llanelli at Reading, and if they reproduce that next week then they'll be pushing for another win, there's also the danger that Llanelli take their foot off the pedal next week as they might see this as the game they can afford to lose but they can't afford to have an attitude like that with a trip to Belfast still to come. If Llanelli do lose next week this pool will be wide open bringing Ulster back into contention, albeit briefly as they haven't a prayer in Toulouse.
i think realistically the scarlets should be hoping for a bp, a bp away in tolouse would be a decent trip, im confident they can beat li at home with a bonus point leaving them on 19 pts.

i think theyll win the group.
I think Llanelli are one of the few teams who can do to Toulouse what Leinster did so no reason why you can't get the win on Saturday, not going to be easy but gettable imo.

Can't rely on Irish beating Toulouse on the final day as they'll be out of contention should they lose in Belfast.
The game was broacasted in France on Sport+ actualy.

Otherwise, Toulouse started very badly but improved a lot during this match. Llanelli in the end were lucky to win this match.

Next week I think it will depend a lot on the Stade manager's strategy. Either they think that they have a chance in the H-cup and they will field their best team to get the Bonus Point either they decide to concentrate on the Top14 in order to secure a semi-finalist position and they give up the H-cup. In this case Llanelli should be able to score point(s) in Toulouse.
it has said it was deferred coverage on the ERC website.

the pool is far from over so Toulouse should still go all out and 15 points isn't an unreasonable ask.

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