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Lomu Back On Comeback Trail



Lomu back on comeback trail
14 July 2006 

Rugby great Jonah Lomu makes his latest comeback in North Harbour's club competition tomorrow, although he might have to wear the unfamiliar jersey of a front rower.

Massey coach Graham Lowe suggested the former All Blacks wing might need to fit into a No 3 shirt when they play fellow premier competition co-leaders Marist.

"He's No 11 if I can find a jersey big enough for him. You might see him at No 3," said Lowe, who was enthused at the prospect of the 63-test veteran striding out on New Zealand soil again.

Lomu, 31, joined Massey last year after signing a two-year deal with North Harbour but is yet to play for either side due to a string of injuries.

He suffered the latest setback to his dream of playing a third World Cup, in France next year, in April when he damaged ankle ligaments while playing for Welsh club Cardiff.

However, Lowe was confident Lomu was ready for his reintroduction despite having just two training sessions with the club side since his rehabilitation was completed.

"He's fizzing, he's on a mission," Lowe said today.

"He's had a few setbacks but he's got an outstanding attitude and he's highly motivated."

Lomu, who made a remarkable return to the sport last year after beating a life-threatening kidney disease, has also been training with the North Harbour Air New Zealand Cup squad.

"He's had plenty of fitness tests, he's had contact work â€" he's as conditioned as he possibly can be without actually playing a game," said Lowe, who has engineered a gameplan to give the big wing space out wide.

"I don't want to use him as a battering ram. Our objective is to give him as much space as possible â€" give him 10 metres to wind up and then `way you go big fella â€" here's the ball'."

Lomu was originally due to make his Massey â€" and North Harbour â€" debut last season but injured a shoulder playing in former England captain Martin Johnson's testimonial at Twickenham.


So, he might be wearing number 3? does that mean he will pack down in the forwards? or will he still be on the wing? if anyone is out that way i sugest go down and have a look.

I am planning to go out and watch some wellington club rugby this weekend ;)

brillient, can someone please change the topic :) i am a dork
Lol yes, yes you are :p

I believe the No.3 jersey will be the only one big enough for him to wear... while playing on the wing.
Who knows he may get an AB call up at the end of the year. You'd think if he can get through the tournament with Henry and co's track record they wouldn't mind seeing where he's at at test level.
if he can re-gain some form he could be an outside chance at the abs. I would take him over hamilton any day of the week.
He got through 30mins then twisted his ankle in a pothole <_< should be right though.
Originally posted by nik+Jul 16 2006, 10:46 PM-->
@Jul 16 2006, 06:39 PM
He got through 30mins then twisted his ankle in a pothole <_< should be right though.
some news footage about jonah


looked good wid some of the runs [/b]
Gee he looked.....LIGHT!!!!

Maybe with a bit more games he may become lightfooted like the good old days!

He almost looked like an inside centre sometimes!

I was going to go and watch this game....maybe next week i will go.....
dodgy fields, damnit

i wouldnt mind seeing him back at north harbour. looking forward to it. though i wasnt a fan of his really when he played but its a good to see someone come back after a big setback like he did.
Whats his speed like, does anyone know?

I know it can't be anywhere near the good ol' days. Can't find a thing but if anyone has seen any recent stats for his speed these days, twill be interesting.

I suppose we will see for ourselves later on... As long as we don't blink and find him sprawling on the ground with some other new injury.

In fact, 20 bucks says he won't make it passed the 16 minute mark in his first match for NH.
no doubt he will come off the bench, and wont last his first match :)

so ill say 20 minutes of rugby before he falls over :)
He looks to be having fun which is above all the most important thing. The guy looked all smiles all throughout that news report.

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