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Looking to Buy Rugby Gear

Lovell Will Ship to the US

But you will have to contact them for a quote, I believe DC may have brought from them before...
Ok, i'm not too knowledgeable with these kind of things.
How does TRF benefit from me going thru those links?
If you buy things through these links we will get 5% of the money... for directing you to the site...
So you don't get any money just by me going to the site via that link.
Coz i always visit that site and i will be sure to go to it thru that link if it'll help you guys.
I just don't buy there very often.
Nope nothing for going through the link... I am afraid... We have been dropped by google adsence because of some reason which they wont tell us...
Well, sometimes lovell offers a deal that not even my 40% discount can beat.
But only sometimes.
Ok, let me just confirm.
As long as i click on the Lovell rugby link, i can browse as much as i want through that site, but if i decide to buy something half an hour later still using the same link, but after having surfed thru loads of pages, would you still get the 5%?
I think that either they read the last completely different site, which would have to be TRF or you tell them that you had been directed there by TRF
Cool, i just want to make sure that if TRF can benefit in SOMEWAY from my purchase then i want to make sure it happens.
Maybe clarify with Charlie?...He's reading this thread at the moment, so he'll be able to help :D
He seems to have left...maybe if i yell too, it will get his attention, and all will be clarified!!!

We use a cookie-based system that drops a cookie on the visitor's computer. With this we are able to track all the details of the sale and who has earned the affiliate commissions.[/b]

Does that answer your question!!!
Well Hopefully we will make a few sales, they will ship WorldWide... just contact them before ordering... :D

First Order that gets verified will get a Plus Rep!!!

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