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M Two Spanish Inquisition

lucky number 7

Jan 26, 2010
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Love the napoleon dynamite reference :p
Great feature.

Ah ... we have set upon the shores of the land of the free, in search of the one they call M Two One. One can only imagine that a numbers and letters in the name can only spell trouble for one and all.

Mr M Two One, good day even if its not been a good one. I have some questions for you and you cannot go until I have the answers to them!

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We are puzzled by the complex nature of your name, care to explain to what the meaning is?

M Two One stands for Mosher 21, the first username I ever created. I used it as a teen because I was into heavy metal music, my favorite number was twenty-one and I had nothing original in mind.

Hmm ... Heavy Music ... We three enjoy more classic music more along the lines of Violins and Trumpets. Anyhow ... what is your interest in rugby?

I only found out about rugby for the first time back in 2002 and really got into it a year later when I watched my first match. I was in France, sick as all hell with a fever watching Biarritz play a league match. I knew about Biarritz before that though and liked them already at the time. I took it as a sign that the team I was leaning towards supporting ended up being the first I ever watch.

I started to play rugby once I lost a lot of weight. 160 lbs gone and I'm looking to lock up with one of the Chicago-based Rugby Super League clubs.

Ah ... the French our main rivals in the quest for the entire of Europe. What is America like for rugby?

Rugby is moving up slowly, but doesn't seem to go anywhere outside of universities. It is difficult to really look for talent here as a supporter because our national league is not aired on television. There are a few sevens players from the national team that would do well starting out with smaller professional clubs. Zachary Test is probably our most promising young player that I know of. He's a winger attending university in the UK and I bet he will eventually be picked up by a club in Europe. Colin Hawley is another young player that could do well overseas. He can play fullback, but is best at center.

We see, is there a real market for it?

There is a market for rugby, but no one has taken the opportunity to launch it correctly. People in the United States generally like rugby if they've seen it before, but the problem is that watching it can be a difficult and/or expensive task. If you want to watch Premiership or Magners league matches you have to order a $15 per month channel. If people are still in the dark about the sport, they're not going to pay a premium.

A professional league needs to form similar to that of Major League Soccer. I don't think a rugby league that airs live matches on national television would take a long time to draw enough attention to increase value and interest in the sport. The major difference here is that promotion and relegation would be a no go. There is no way general sports fans here would accept their team being in a lower division. For instance if this were to be implemented into Major League Soccer the league would probably collapse.

So one offers gold to watch overseas rugby, interesting. The king must be informed. Is there anyone who has influenced you to play rugby?

Serge Blanco, the guy is a legend in Biarritz and a class act on and off the pitch. He's been a superb president for the club and a fitting one to boot.

Serge is the man. His dancing feet. We must ask however what Chicago is like and we three need feed and bed where be the place to go with you tonight fine sir?

Holy ... okay well this isn't going to be an easy answer.

Chicago is a metro wonder with a heavy blend of different cultures and bright and friendly people. You could go anywhere and feel how so many people from all over the World have touched this city. Ask anyone on the street for help and they will gladly do so. We have the second highest rated art scene in the World, which you can see for yourself around every corner you turn.

If I had to choose one thing to do tonight with someone to give them a great feel of the city it would be a walk and shop down Michigan Avenue towards Grant Park. You could take in so much and luckily enough I have some photos to throw at you for good measure. http://i56.tinypic.com/2yzn2hu.jpg



Culture you say, nothing is compared to our culture in Spain. The art you talk about must struggle with the wind in Chicago?

Due to our location on Lake Michigan we do have some crazy wind gusts. The origin of the name is argued however as it could have started with our rivalry with Cincinnati. As we always bested them long ago in trade and sports the Cincinnati papers had meant that Chicago was full of bluster.


Set sail then gents ... joking. What is your favorite rugby side and do you follow any other sports?

In this sport, Biarritz Olympique, but you already know why.

I used to live and breathe basketball when I was younger. I used to play against kids five or six years older than me and destroy them. I had an excellent shot, which obviously helped because I was really overweight at some point. I lost interest when the NBA went into lockout and began to focus more on ice hockey. I was a good goalie when I was a little kid, but stopped playing before junior high school.

I still love ice hockey and enjoy watching a basketball game if the Bulls are on television. I also like Australian rules football, association football, professional road cycling. I'll watch baseball and tennis once in a great while as well.

Ball with a basket and hoop. We have head of it, especially the one they call Pau Gasol. Next question. Why do you love The Rugby Forum, we hear it smells and do you like the members here?

Rugby chatter with people that have great attitudes. This is the only forum I post at!

I like everyone on here so far. I don't know too many of you that well only because I don't have enough time to spend online. Work and marriage will do that to you.

One question we find the most important on our travels is what is your favorite muppet M Two One?

Gonzo the Great!

Gonzo ... hmm not so great. We hear that you are a master of Photoshop are you really a master?

Someone gave me Photoshop back in 2002 and I didn't touch it after trying it once for about three years! I seen some interesting soccer kit replicas created by people and wanted to try my hand at rugby versions. They looked like crap, but you only get better at Photoshop by sucking at it first. It takes a long time to really "understand" Photoshop and you're still learning no matter how many years you've been at it.

Ah a master in the arts then. So why did you become involved with graphics? Are there examples?

I started to get into it around 2005 because I wanted to create shiny things. Honestly, this is all just for fun really. I only received something in return once by creating a scarf design for the Chicago Fire supporters group. They gave me a free ticket to a match and free beer all night!




We agree that those are outstanding. We enjoy the art of film. So we ask what is your favorite film?

Watership Down (1978); my favorite film and novel. The film was shortened and they left out a few minor characters, but they captured what was implented perfectly. The character voices are distinct and unforgettable from John Hurt (Alien; The Elephant Man) to Zero Mostel in his last film role. I watched this film when I was four years old. It made me cry (still does) and scared the hell out of me, but it gave me a real perception of life and death that some parents have such a difficult time explaining to children. It was the most moving film of my life.

A film that we will no doubt see soon, do you have a favorite actor of actress?

Bill Murray; he makes me laugh like no one else.

Before we leave, we must ask one final question. Is there a message to the millions and millions of followers on The Rugby Forum?

Vote for Pedro.

Thank you M Two One ... set sail boys. We have more inquisitioning to do.

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