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Matthew Burke Discussion



That was highly informative. I've only known Matt Burke as a player for Newcastle, so it's good to read this and know where he comes from. He'd get my vote to the HoF.
We will continue with this method until an another method has been derived...
Also Please post sensible comments, and if you vote No please Justify your No vote. we know who you are!!! Also all comments and opinions on this topic needs to be posted here not in the original topic
I don't think he does deserve to go in, particularly at such an early stage.

He was/is a great player, but there are far more deserving full-backs, such as JPR, Blanco and Cullen.

He's not a name that instantly springs to mind when somebody mentions the term 'Rugby Legend', and I don't think he has been widely recognised enough to merit entry.
Sorry getofmeland, it's true it's still early, but he's had an extremely impressive career.
I feel it is too early to add him in, there is still time left in his career for changes to happen, I feel its best to judge him once he retires, but not someone I would put into the Hall of Fame straight away...
I voted no.

As stated earlier, there have been many greater fullbacks in the world. Maybe at some stage he should be included, but right now, it is a bit early.
He has had a stellar career, amassed a nice number of points, won a lot of trophies, but outside of the stats, did he really have such a blinding career. IMO, whenever I watched him play, he never seemed to have the "X" factor. I don't know whether it's because he looks like Joe Everyman, or for the simple fact that I'm a Kiwi, but he never had the "presence" on the field that guys like Cullen and JPR had.... Or either Latham.

....But he definitely deserves a spot more than Latham. Don't get me wrong. B)

Let's get some other guys in there first.
Originally posted by Canadian_Rugby_Guy@Mar 27 2006, 02:59 PM
I think there's an error. It says I started this poll. But I didn't.
lol! so who did????

I voted no.......he isn't good enough to get into any rugby hall of fame fullstop....too many fullbacks were better than him.

When was the last time you saw him carve up from the back....he was too workmanlike in his play....very steady and reliable but nothing spectacular like others.
Originally posted by Canadian_Rugby_Guy@Mar 27 2006, 03:59 AM
I think there's an error. It says I started this poll. But I didn't.
I did, but merged the Thread together and as your post was earlier, than my new post, yours went above me and made you the owner of the thread
I voted NO, there's a lot more Aussies that deserve this (and he ain't one of them)... Nick Farr Jones, Mark Ella, Michael Lynagh, David Campese, Tim Horan...
Yeah im not to sure why Jacko picked Burkey of all the great Aussie players.

but dispite what ppl have said he was a brilliant player and a key member of the Greatest team of all time :D .

Like Dumbo said theres plenty of other Wallabies that should be in there before him like..

Farr Jones

Lets stick to players we were actually alive to see play ,unless your Rassie and you are old enough to have seen the origin of rugby.

OH and write your own ****!
I voted No, not because I think Matthew was a bad footballer but because there are many other players that in my opinion should be in this hall as far as I care.
I say no. There are plenty of other fullbacks that were better than Burke. Also there are plenty of better Australians.
Originally posted by The TRUTH!!@Mar 27 2006, 11:13 AM
but dispite what ppl have said he was a brilliant player and a key member of the Greatest team of all time :D .
Didn't think he played for the 1973 Barbarians? :huh:
voted no. He's a good player but certainly no legend. johnson, lomu, wood and burke? His name doesn't mean as much to world rugby fans as the others already in the hof.

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