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Mcquiod Gone As Well



as execpted after missing out on a super 14 contract Grant mcQuiod is looking overseas and will move as soon as possible. another big blow for the bay but not unexecpted. he maybe replaced by justin wilson.

from nz herald

Bay of Plenty rugby is set to lose another key player with midfielder Grant McQuoid confirming he's looking at shifting overseas.

Wife Cherie has just given birth to son Quinn. He is a cherished addition to their family after they lost a baby last year hours after it was born.

With three mouths now to feed, he's wanting to build a decent future for his family.

"We're looking at a few options overseas, seeing what may come up. Ideally we'll get a contract and take off as soon as possible, so from that point of view it's a bit of a sad way to finish with Bay of Plenty.

"But we're quite excited by the chance to go and live somewhere else and do different things."

McQuoid's expected departure leaves another huge hole in the Bay of Plenty midfield, although recruiting centre Justin Wilson in his place would help.

Bay of Plenty coach Vern Cotter confirmed they were talking with Wilson, who played 35 games for the province before transferring to Auckland in 2001.

He lasted two seasons there before moving to Wellington
By the way a New-Zealander hooker, Slade McFarland, has just moved to Stade Toulousain, he is what is called there a medical joker, i.e. an extra contract released to replace a long term injured player, in this case Willaiam Servat who is out until the end of the season, i.e. June 2006.
oh cheers for that Donbilly. Slade McFarland is a good hooker and I think has been up in europe somewhere.
I thought he retired and was running his pub? He's a big fat lazy Maori btw.
There you go Eric, finnaly found a back up hooker for your little Rugby 2005 team.

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