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Minor Changes

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St Helens RLFC

- Guests can no longer read the gaming sections. They must register with us to have access to exclusive Swordfish content.

- If you make a post in the Off Topic section, it wont add to your post count.

- We are currently discussing a new ranking system to replace post count.

- There is a serious intake of new members, and this is a good thing.

- Spamming is now a bannable offence, as is arguing with authoritah.
To add, from this day on we will be banning anybody from the forum who is found to have set up multiple user names (without prior approval of someone from admin)..........

We don't need the inaccurate member numbers, we don't need members basically using secondary user names to spew out "spam", and before it gets out of hand (and someone has 10 different members names) it stops now.

If you currently have another "unapproved" user name in this forum, please direct yourself to the "amnesty" thread ("off topic") to give up your alias.......

Many thanks.
Not open for further replies.

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