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Mission Impossible - Find that Pink Shirt !!!


Matt Glover

Hi All,

Please help, I'm getting all sorts for ear ache from the misses.

She's heard that there is limited edition rugby shirt, similar to the Newcastle Falcon's 3rd Shirt - the pink one, and she'd like one for Christmas. Apparently there was a team playing in the Dubai Sevens last weekend playing in this shirt, but she doesn't know which team it was.

So it's down to me to find it - any help would be appriciated.
Were you in Dubai, for the tournament ? Could you give me a clue as to who they are and where I can find it?


This is all I could find...I don't think this is what you are looking for, though.
Thanks for the Pic, I'll show it to the Boss when i get in, they look like polos and not playing shirts, but you never know.

Thanks also for the link, but I had originally thought it was the Newcastle Falcons Ladies, but she tells me it's not. I've got a feeling it's not your regular shirt, I'll keep trying and hopefully something will come up. Size 18 is a couple of sizes too big.

Thanks for trying guys. I don't suppose anyone was in Dubai for the Tournament ?
yeah someone was, i forgot his name now, allblacks freak, he lives in dubai!!
Wish the All Blacks would adopt that kit permanently.... :bleh!:

What is it with rugby players and pink? Remember the official Springbok formal wear included pink shirts and pink ties. :wall:
yes.. i live in dubai mate..
well, the team in pink was in the Intl Vets category... and its either the bucaneers or the marauders that is wearing pink..
Hi All,

Thanks to everyone for your efforts, I've managed the find the shirt and the store that sells them (www.sibsportswear.com).
The team are called the Kooga Wailers and the their new kit made it's first apperance at the Dubai 7's this year.

Here's the pic if anyone's interested.

Thanks again guys, this should get her off my back.
Wish me luck for next year !!!
Personally I want one of the away shirts:


If it didn't have anything to do with Newcastle Falcons on it things would be near pefect. ;)
Yes, I liked the Yellow one as well, very different. The Newcastle Falcons thing isn't a problem for me, obviously coming from Newcastle.

What the Missus likes is the unique-ness (if that's a word), I doubt many of those shirts will be around. I'm going to wait until after Christmas before getting the away shirt. Still, the pink one is ordered, that's going to keep her happy.

Merry Christmas everyone,

I had a look around, before ordering the shirt to find out a bit more about them.
They seem to be a team that enters 7's and 10's invitational competitions around the world.
They've had a bit of success, winning the Kinsale 10's and runners up in Amsterdam.


I think there's the two shirts, one for the Girls and one for the lads.

I've got a funny feeling about them, so I'm getting the yellow one after Christmas.

Come on the Wailers !!! (and the Falcons !!!)

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