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Multiplayer is still going!



Still playing multiplayer on this game with freinds and actually enjoying it the more we play.

At first we got a bit bored because we could not do some things that we could do on R2005. Then we realised that we could do it.....all we had to do was adjust for the diferences from R2005 to R2006.

The game is actually playing similar to JLR on multiplayer where no matter how good your defence was...eventually a skilled person would find a gap.

Attack is much more open than R2005 now that the superman dive tackle has been dulled down (yes even the flying defence can be beaten).

Discovering new things everyday....particularly the way certain players stats affect the way things happen in a team....this is vital and not to be underestimated when playing.
I love it on m,ultiplayer. Sidestepping can get a bit too good with a fast team though.
ive beaten my bro wit fiji..he was tha abs..

i scored a last minute blitzer where rupeni went one on one wit his student joe rokocoko..hahaha and i circled around roko and gased his ass over 60 metres

for where art thy doug howlett?...he was scared hahhaa...this game is tops in multiplayer mode...luvin it
I was the blues, my lil bro the ABs... i was wining till he smacked the controller out of my hand, n scored a last minute try!!!! i'm still not talking to him since then...
Fiji are a great side to play with. They are fairly poor in defence and ball retention but have some of the best scorers available.
I've edited the barbars squad adding the southern hemispheres best players, makes an awesome matchup against the lions
Originally posted by allblacksfreak@Mar 22 2006, 01:52 AM
I was the blues, my lil bro the ABs... i was wining till he smacked the controller out of my hand, n scored a last minute try!!!! i'm still not talking to him since then...
:lol: thats wat i do when my lil bro's on a runaway winning try!!! :lol: :lol:
the look on his face......PRICELESS!
he's like :ranting: :%#%#: :cryy:
and im like :roflrol: :champion:
Just finished playing another weekend with the boys........

....this game is getting better and better all the time.....

...I have finally figured out how to tackle effectively in multiplayer.......yes I know what you are thinking (he must suck).....believe it or not.....me and the boys are so good at dodging each other....but now I have got the tackling downpat :bravo: after discovering the "breakthrough" technique........

...as a result this game has suddenly turned seriously good.....we have to play mind games with each other regarding strategies and especially the kicking game and gaging whether to run or kick.......yep, just like real rugby now :bravo:

Our options when attacking are a whole lot more compared to R2005....as well as the options when dismantling a defensive style.......

Can't wait for online in the next version....cos I am really liking this one a lot :D
i hope ea sports nz run there promo things again and have a big rugby2006 challenge...if there is.. some one email me so i can practice

anyways..i went 2 my mates in the weekend challenged him at rugby 06..in a 20 minute game,hes currently the best outta all my mates untill.....

i beat him by 40 points to nil.....

i feel like a kid again playing multiplayer
Originally posted by THE CHIROPRACTOR101@Apr 10 2006, 11:08 PM

i feel like a kid again playing multiplayer
No one can notice that u arent one.....
If my mate buys the game this week...then give us a few months and I'll be up to taking on anyone in a real comp........which is why I hope the new version is online

The early stages of a new game always reminds me of the street fighter 2 days when it first came out...every fortnight someone in Auckland was discovering something revolutionary....

...going back to "discovering" my defence....makes such a BIG difference now...I am beating guys who last week wee the same as me...but this weekend I beat them by 40 points in a five minute game....thats how revolutionary my tackling has changed after discovering the "technique."

Good on you chiro for thrashing ya mate :bravo: ..we TRF people have reps to keep :lol:
she does recognise im the man!..told me last weekend

what you gonna do?...spam my emails?..pansy little ****
Originally posted by Gay-Guy@Apr 11 2006, 01:59 AM
"........thats how revolutionary my tackling has changed after discovering the "technique."

Are you selling motivational tapes? It reminds me of that guy from the infomertials :D

I agree, there is a degree of depth in this game that has surprised me and continues to surprise me, probably because its so subtle.

In world league I have noticed that the best players with the best stats do not necessarily equate to the best team, and as you have mentioned it all comes down to combinations. I destroyed every team I played with Holah and Braid as my flankers, causing turnovers at nearly every ruck. When i traded braid for Berger, the turnovers stopped happening and I was forced to play a more reserved style on attack as I no longer secured my own ball 98% of the time.

I traded Giteau for Carter about an hour ago and found he didnt suit my style of play at all well. Carter is nowhere near as quick off the mark as giteau as a result my backline was constantly getting caught flatfooted behind the advantage line. I ended up quitting and reverting to my last save- with Giteau still there.

I like the fact that there are a few sure fire ways to catch the defence off guard, and the key in multiplayer is to know when to use which move. Im a big fan of the dummy myself, there are only three situations i have found that the dummy can be effective, but i score almost every time (unless my opponent sees it coming). My personal favourite would have to be my patented box kick chip for the winger, for anyone who hasnt tried it i suggest you have a play around, its easier to execute than a cross kick with a higher success rate, and near the line results in a try most of the time.

I still love this game!
Originally posted by android_FURY+Apr 11 2006, 11:29 PM-->
@Apr 11 2006, 01:59 AM
"........thats how revolutionary my tackling has changed after discovering the "technique."

Are you selling motivational tapes? It reminds me of that guy from the infomertials :D

:lol: You funny robot you lol!

We are having so much fun that we haven't even bothered preselecting the choices of set plays for our teams....however if you are gonna live and die by the cross kick...then I may try it more :bravo:

The "Dummy"??????....personally I like pivot moves.....

What choice defence do you think I should choose for defending moves???
I wasnt specifically referring to set plays, rather the use of the box kick and dummies in open play. Definately try the half back box kick from the back of the ruck as an attacking option of they dont have a lot of defence out wide. Direct it diagonally across the field and if you have a fast winger, switch to him and sprint run onto the ball. It always gives you a one on one against the fullback and if used from 30m or so its basically an instant try. Most people dont seem to predict this move, probably because there is very little time between setup and execution. It is VERY effective when used correctly though, just takes practise.

As far as set plays go it pays to learn them all in single player, they all have shortcomings. For example, pivot and dummy pivot are easy to spot on defence, there is a long period where the ball carrier is open to being hit, and you can basically line up the second reciever, a well timed dive tackle nearly always results in a knock on.
Its just a matter of learning the patterns, its a bit defeatist in a way, but you can quite easily stop your opponent from using any set plays once you know the patterns.

As far as defensive strategies, the obvious kick defense-for pocket and cross kick moves. Tight defense for Pivot/Switch and Dummy Switch and Standard for miss and classic set plays. With the latter the sweeper defence is advisable as a spread out defence generally equates to gaping holes for the play to exploit.

Personally i have found the best set plays in multiplayer to be the simple classic and miss plays. They are quick to set up and give you a wide variety of options, because it looks generic its tough to pick out the intended reciever. Also, pressing triangle on both of these results in a chip for the winger that is very effective when executed in space.
yeh, i love the half back box kick option for the flying winger out wide. it drives the opposition wild on multiplayer and can be very effective. not so effective on single player though, only works about 25% of the time.

but use it on two player, it is very hard to combat
Has anyone tried playing on the same side with a mate, i tried it and the moves you can do are awsome, you can become the support player and cut back inside or run right off the shoulder, its so damn cool!!
Yeah. I love not choosing a set play and just seeing what you can come up with. You can create dummy runners etc.

I wish this game could work on 360 though, I haven't played it in ages.

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