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MY own Internationals...



Hey guys, as requested by Lora and Quintes i guess I'm going to make a Thread on the upcoming 4 Nations tournament held in Cambodia on the 27th June-1st July.
The 4 nations involves Cambodia, Laos, Brunei and Indonesia.
It will be a one off game between each participating countries.
I will be playing for Indonesia because of parental connection with that nation.
here is the Schedule for the games:

27th June:
Laos Vs Brunei
Indonesia Vs Cambodia

29th June:
Laos Vs Indonesia
Cambodia Vs Brunei

1st July :
Laos Vs Cambodia
Indonesia Vs Brunei

I have been playing for the Dubai Exiles U-19s and their 2nd XV as a Backrow and Prop, I was the school captain for 3 years straight until I graduated this year! I was also drafted into the U-19 Arabian Gulf squad...
For the Indonesian national squad, they appointed me as a utillity forward and they want me to play prop for the first game and shift me around later on. Trust me, weighing at 95Kg I think I'm a bit too light for International Prop, but again Asians are smaller kind of people...

I will post updates and photos of the game as soon as I can, I'm not sure about internet availability in Cambodia... I still hope they clear the playing field from landmines! :p So, just check on my Signature for the countdown!
You can also check the Blog by clicking the link on my signature!
There are Internet Cofees in Phnom Penh, you should be able to post from there.
good luck mate :)

took me a while to figure out what a internet cofee was, having a bad day :) its cafe btw donbilly :)

unless cambodia call it cofee then i am totally wrong

or coffee

or whatever ;)
yeah... Cafe.. nice sig woosah... i totally agree that cigs kills ya!!!

anyways, incase you havent seen my sig...
I'm playing a warm up game with the Indonesian team against the Macau Barbarians on the 16th of June... that game would be in Jakarta, so i can deffinitely post pics as soon as its over!
Hey Guys!
I'm leaving on a jetplane in less than 20 hours from now, on my way to be an international!!!
wish me luck, and I'll keep u guys posted!
cheers mates!
Well boys, who would have thought that u can get free Broadband access from the bloody airport!!! here i am at the Singapore Changi Airport, waiting to go on my connecting flight to Indonesia... I'm one step closer to being an international boys!! wish me luck on that! I'm sure that there will be another International in our midst!
Wicked. Good luck at thrashing whatever third world country you're playing against....
Allblacksfreak, Good luck for your upcoming games.

I think that it is fair to say that most people on this board would kill for an opportunity to play international rugby and we are all very jealous.

I hope that you have a great game and that everything that you touch turns to gold.

I for one am very interested to read about your experiences leading up to the test.

All the best luck mate and I hope that you have a blast and you get a solid victory in your debut test.

And then tell us all about it.
If you can, grab some t-shirts in size XL if they give them out for free. If there's different kinds, grab one of each. I'll then send you a postage paid envelope so you can ship one here to the states. Good luck to you.
Best of luck to you, I would love to play rugby at a high level so take this oppurtunity and dump some third world ass!

So how many forums can boast that they have an international in their ranks!

I so wish I could qualify for some third world country and play rugby for them, actually I may live in somewhere like Andorra and qualify for them, or I could have a serious crack at playing for the Irish Exiles.

Good luck!

Thanks for the goodluck wishes boys...
I'm online from the RFU's office at the moment, me and another traveller were put through a special training sesion last night to accomodate us with the Tropical weather over here.. I was struggling a bit last night, after all I havent put on my boots for about 2 or 3 months!
I'm in the starting line up for the first game against macau on Friday, i'm f***in excited bout tht!!!!
I'm playing no.6 on friday, and apparently Macau havent got a good forward pack, and they expect me to be a total nuisance at breakdowns and carry the ball up front a bit, both happens to be my speciality!
The game has been around the indonesian media so I expect a bit of supporters to turn up, after all it co incide with the f***ing FIFA world cup! not a good thing if you want to attract loads of ppl...
I got another practice session tonight, and believe it or not, we're practicing rugby by playing OZ rules!! I wanna try tht game out... :D

CSURUGBYHOOKER: I'll see wht I can get mate.. there might be some for sale, and I expect em to be dirt cheap anyways, I dont mind spending a bit of money... Do you want my signature on the shirt as well? :p
Originally posted by allblacksfreak@May 26 2006, 03:05 AM

Best of luck mate. I'm not sure if you get your own Test jersey for every game you play, but if you do I'd defiantely be willing to hit one up if you're interested in selling. Imagine having an offical Test jersey, let alone an Indonesian one. I'm almost ejaculating over the keyboard just thinking about it.
Im an international, Ive played 8 international games. 6 aussie, 1 english and 1 irish game. Does that count?
Originally posted by jinxed_nz@Jun 15 2006, 10:50 PM
Im an international, Ive played 8 international games. 6 aussie, 1 english and 1 irish game. Does that count?
Originally posted by Jacko@Jun 16 2006, 07:25 AM
who are you? what sport? at the full level or u19????
Use your imagination to come up with answers to those, then get back to us...
haha harsh, under 19 development teams

BTW that is an awsome video man! I love it! worth being on TV! :cheers:

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