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Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by Cheeky_Darkie, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Has anyone been watching the NBA playoffs this year ?

    It started off with a bang with the Warriors taking out the way more fancied Mavs in round 1. I was absolutely fixated with the playoffs until the run n' gun Suns and Warriors got eliminated, then I thought it would be an absolutely mind numbing final with the Spurs and Pistons advancing easily. I was half right !

    I witnessed one of the great performances ever in NBA playoff history today. Absolutely mesmerizing it was, his airness King James rising above one of the best defensive teams in the NBA at home and crushing the fans and players spirits. The Pistons had no answer to his jumpers, lay-ups and bone crunching jams, it was 1-on-5 b'ball. He scored 29 of the final 30 points for the Cavs with the game going into double overtime and he finished with 48 Pts 9 Rebs 7 assists. The Cavs are now only one win away from securing a spot in the final.

    He is still a baby in the NBA at age 22 but he has carried a sure fire bottom dwelling team into the NBA playoffs in only a couple of years.
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  3. Wellycane

    Wellycane Guest

    No I haven't been watching much...not a single 40min (I think that's the duration of a match) full game. But I wish I had more time to watch it though. Ahhhh King James? I guess that's LeBron James. I am correct? I've heard of him.
  4. Miki

    Miki Guest

    Yeah I saw that, hopefully he gets to the finals cus I hate Detroit more than Cleveland, but it will be kind of boring hearin all the "Lebron James iz da chosen one!1!" stuff in the media for a week before the finals just so the Spurs can capture the title in 5 games, 6 if they want to win the title at home.
  5. Hazey

    Hazey Guest

    I have been watching quite a lot of the basketball when it's been shown late night in the UK, and recently the Stanley Cup is showing every other night (also a hard-core Boston Red Sox fan).

    Although I am a big fan of US sports as well as UK sports as you can tell, I feel the basketball playoffs have been lacking in excitement - have to be honest though, I didn't see the James game you mentioned.
  6. Did you watch the Mavs Vs Warriors games ?? No one gave the Warriors a chance to win the series. The great Charles Barkely called them a bunch of midgets (because of Coach Nelson's small-ball line-up). They just kept raining down the 3s. Baron Davis put on a show for the ages as well, playing hurt through most of the games and out muscling Nowitizki (6'3 guard vs a 7'0 forward).

    Cavs get a chance to take out the Eastern title today.

    Lebron James at 22 could accomplish what Michael Jordan was not able to do at the same age, carry his team to the finals.

    GO THE CAVS !!
  7. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    For me my personal interest left when the Toronto Raptors were eliminated in 6 in the first round. But I am an avid basketball fan so I've continued watching. With that said the playoffs are dull as doorknobs now. Once the teams that actually like to score points get eliminated that's what happens. Now we see the ever efficient Spurs, who are technically superior to anyone in the league but boring as hell against either A) a dull defensive half-court team from Detroit or B) a dull half-court team from Cleveland. The Cavs/Pistons series has been very dull up until LBJ decided he wasn't going to choke anymore and was making shots he has no right making(ie all those 3-balls that he'd normally miss). Regardless who wins the Eastern Conference we're going to have a snore-fest final where the Spurs romp over their opponent.

    Now DC will come in and write some idiotic reason why the Cavs have a chance...
  8. melon

    melon Guest

    Woot woot Lebron James scored 48 points in Cavs' 2 point win over the Pistons! He scored the last 25 points for them aswell!
  9. danger

    danger Guest

    king james!!.. although hes still nothing on darko
  10. Wellycane

    Wellycane Guest

    That's amazing!

    danger, who is "darko"?
  11. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    That's amazing!

    danger, who is "darko"?

    He's talking about Darko Milicic the player who was selected second in the draft after LBJ and has pretty well sucked the cock. You can pretty much chalk that up to Larry Brown who refused to play young players when he coached Detroit.
  12. Spik3balloon

    Spik3balloon Guest

    The Cavs are into the finals. :D 98-82 win over the Pistons, for a 4-2 win of the series.

    They were having all sorts of technical difficulties at the end of the 1st quarter - the shot clock broke, the main scoreboard stopped working and was reporting 0-0.

    It's an interesting matchup for the finals, Spurs vs Cavs.
  13. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    Didnt watch much of the playoffs. But i did watch most of the games of the Spurs vs Jazz. I was rooting for the Jazz because they were underdogs. Now that theyre out i couldnt give a **** about who wins. Either way whoever wins is a negative for me because 1. If spurs wins (who cares boring) 2. If cleveland wins everyone will call Lebron the next 'Jordan'. Which the media tends to do whenever a team with a good guard wins the championship. Lebron is a gr8 player but imo hes not the next Jordan.
  14. lucad88

    lucad88 Guest

    Jordan is the only one. After, there's LEbron James.
    Quite impressing against detroit, in the 4th quarter
  15. DC

    DC Guest

    shut up tyler, mr. "oh the cavs are going to get swept!!!1111"

    f***in jackass, i told you it wouldnt happen. you must still be bitter cause of that ass raping the raps took from the hapless nets. i think its funny you say the cavs play a half court offense considering most of the time they run the floor, maybe im missing something? when eric snow is in they run a half court offense.

    the cavs do have a chance, the cavs have the best home crowd in the NBA period, they will win all of their home games, the three home games i went to against detroit in this latest series were ridiculous. the crowd deffinately made a difference in that game. i dont think you understand that this is all this city has going for it (besides the indians at the moment) and this is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to cleveland. if you think the cavs are going to go down without a fight youre a f***in dumbass. San antonio can have all of their fancy celebrity fans and their shitty homecrowd, i'd rather take the blue collar that comes to cavs games and makes it raucous anyday.

    now all i have to do is get my finals tickets and im set.


    haha thats such a funny line, bottom dwelling my ass. let us forget pavolic (whose going to be another star) gibson (without a doubt a star) illgauskas, gooden, marshall, hughes, jones

    but that makes them a bottom dwelling team :rolleyes:
  16. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    Hey, it was only an ass raping in NJ!!! :p

    We've had this discussion they weren't hapless when they played Toronto, they just **** the bed when they played the Cavs, who by the way I was rooting for that round and have been rooting for, I just didn't think LBJ could have taken them as far as he has. That's what we saw over this series is the emmergence of LeBron James. This is what you've waited 4 years for. Sure he may not be a leader just yet, but it's coming and he was absolutly amazing, my hats off to him.

    In the first Q, when both teams were deciding they wanted to run, what happened? Turnover after turnover. This is pretty well a half court team. Built to be a half court team. That's why Z and Gooden are in the starting lineup.

    Utah, Golden State, Toronto, Phoenix, Miami all have a legit claim to that title. And the fact is all these buildings are the same size and there is only so loud you can make the place go. Every where fans are roudy, it makes no real difference.

    I dont' know whether to laugh at that or not.

    What Eva Longoria? Their one celebrity fan who's there because she's married to Tony Parker(I do wish they'd stop showing her face every time Parker does something)? She get's pretty into it though I'll give her credit. Same goes for the rest of San Antonio. Their fans aren't too shabby. It'll be loud and the place will be jumping.

    What he meant was he came onto a bad team and turned them around in only a matter of a few seasons. Not that they are shockingly horrible now. Although you rate some of your players a little too highly.

    I don't understand what you see in Pavlovic. I don't. I watch him play and I don't see superstar, I see role player. A guy who gets into some nitty gritty stuff, plays the D and get's you at best about 16pts per night. That's a highly effective player, but I dont' see him as a superstar by any means.

    Gibson is a wait and see for me. He can fill up the basket real quick and can shoot the three. Where he fits into the cavs team is the question. He'd be more effective if and when the Cavs get a legit pass first point guard. He's looking very good so far though.

    Ilgauskas to me is just an average centre now. I don't rate him highly at all. A couple of years ago he was sure fire one of the best centres in the East. But now? He's a serviceable defensive guy who can rebound and score a little, especially with that little hook shot.

    Gooden to me is the next best player on the Cavs. He **** the bed against Detroit, but given the matchups I can understand. He can hit the boards and hit the boards hard, when he wants to. He can make the jump to all star status if he works on his jump shot a little more. He'll get 18 and 10 for a season before his career is out.

    Donyell Marshall just sits in the corner pocket and waits for people to pass him the ball. He has other parts to his game but he doesn't work on them anymore. He's even starting to miss those three's as well. He's not very good anymore.

    Larry Hughes is an interesting player. One night he's outstanding and the next you can't even believe it's him. He's a streaky, inconsistent jump shooter. He's just a good solid role player, that will have fluctuating minutes depending on which Larry shows up to play.

    If you want to talk about Damon Jones as a good player than this conversation is over.
  17. DC

    DC Guest

    amon ones

    no d and no j

    pavlovic will be an outstanding player, he's come leaps and bounds since just last year alone

    illgauskas is alright he needs to stop being a pussy and go up strong.

    i think you were spot on with hughes considering he's always injured

    and trust me none of those fans even compare to the noise inside the Q. trust me.
  18. Pavlovic is going to be a role player. He will have a few good games but he will remain an above-average NBA player. He has absolute brain explosions quite a few times and doesn't seem to know how to take the ball to the hoop (every single time he drove he was hit with an offensive foul).

    LeBron James is leader through and through, he calms his team down when needed and lifts them when needed. I guess thats where the comparisons to the great Michael Jordan come in. In terms of playing style James is more Pippen-like.
  19. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Go the Pacers!

    Hey, we may suck, but at least we'll f*** the fans in the stands up if you mess with us.

    May have to latch onto the Trailblazers though, especially after last years draft, LaMarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy are both legit youngsters, Sergio Rodríguez has some talent and theres also that English Kid they got who's still playing in Europe and with the No 1 pick they'll land Oden, and are apparently are looking to trade up and get Conley Jr as well.
  20. DC

    DC Guest

    oden and conley jr

    ripper are you falling in love with ohio state :wub: :wub:
  21. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    He's not a leader just yet. Especially with off the court stuff, right now he's just a damn good player(on his way to being great). Right now he's just leading by example rather than being a true leader. That's not a knock on him at all, he never went to college and he didn't want any veteren leadership when he came in. That has certainly hindered his development in that area.

    Which again proves that you are in fact a bandwagon fan.

    Considering they were only in Columbus for a cup of coffee, they are only borderline buckeyes.
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