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new twenty20 domestic comp for 2008



in 2008 the ICC have announced a domestic competition to rival the inidan one.

the two top domestic teams from austrailia, england, india and pakistan (i think) will end up in a champions league type competition and battle it out for the top prize.

It also looks like New Zealand will join in on the Australian twenty20 competition so they have a chance to get over there as well.

top cricketers fleming mcgrath (wtf i thought he retired) and others from world cricket turned up to announce the competition starting next year.

what do you guys think about that?
i think this is a knee jerk reaction to the ICL league.

The Indian board is the richest in the world but they do nothing to develop the game in India. Stadiums are shocking.
thats exaclty what it is. no question about that. And its true that the ICB need to upgrade their stadiums and such as they are a travisty.

but what do you think about this with the way the game is going? its going to change the way domestic cricket is being played in my opinion. if we can have this and maybe stretch it out into the more "traditional" forms of the game i think it will grow. Make it the top teams out of the test playing nations put into a competition, and maybe bring in national teams from the non test playing nations as well.

thats what i would do anyway.