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Nfs:most Wanted


Saint N Sinner

It kicks ass.

Finally got it on Christmas day, and wasn't disappointed. I'm about 11% percent into it so far, and I'm loving the graphics, the gameplay, the fact that you can be naughty during the day, and the cops. They make the game so much better.

I love ramming them of the road.

Anyone else got it?
yeh i got it....clocked it

but its still a good game!

i got the black edition...obviously...............no its not becos im black i got the black edition.......it was because it was cheaper
Whats the difference between the Oridinary and Black Edition? At DSE where I usually buy my games the BE is more expenisve, and from what I can gather the only difference is that it has extra cars.
And a few extra videos or something. The difference is only $5, and you get a cooler name. You'd be mad not to buy it.
Yeah. It's got an extra DVD with videos of various things.

I'm hoping that if I choose to sell it it might keep it's value better than the regular edition. But we'll see.
The car chases are awsome, I love trying to shake them off by using the actual car. But replace the word's shake off with, f***'em over.
One of my best mates got NFS most wanted for his bday in October I think. He played on it all the time, but then he stopped at like 25% because he said it was too hard. We all took the mick a bit on him.


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