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Northampton Saints Thread

In the press release they mentioned that they were expecting him to be poached so already had plans in place which is good to hear.

Really sad to see him go though, I manage to chat to him for quite a while at the Saints open day and thought he was a great passionate bloke. Sad to see him go.
Could be worse like the Bears, a name with no connection to Bristol. At least they'll stick to Saints and not revamp as the Road Men or something daft.
It's been driven by brand identity and marketing in a digital age where the lovely crest doesn't really work well digitally (apparently).

I've heard the new logo is really good from a few people inside the club but I'll reserve my judgement until I see it.

I do see the need for a similar logo though however much a love the old one.
It's a business decision to help the marketing and sales of merchandise, which does all make sense to me. And I think we have to trust Mark Durbon to an extent and is a business sense he's made some great decisions.

Looking forward to seeing the outcome

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