Northampton Saints Vs Viadana

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  1. Northampton Saints vs Viadana


    Franklin’s Gardens

    European Challenge Cup

    Saturday 22nd October

    “For 89 minutes it looked as if Saints return to the Guinness premiership was going to end in disappointment. But in the last rays of Autumn sunshine, and in front of a record Franklin’s Gardens crowd, Englishman Ben Cohen scored a try that could prove to be vital in Saints league campaignâ€

    Moving away from last weekend’s thriller of a match, we now have to focus on yet another competition, The European Challenge Cup.

    Some people might say Northampton sits nice and comfy in the easiest group in the EEC, but I for one don’t think so. Well, it’s not the hardest, but it will prove to be a challenge for all. The other contenders in Pool One are Bristol, Viadana, and Narbonne.

    Qualification from the group should be between Northampton and Narbonne. For Saints it’s one way of qualifying for Heineken cup.

    Despite our great form in the HC last year, our league form brought Northampton to their first EEC match in six years. But it doesn’t mean the competition is much easier, you get some pretty good teams in front of you and you are expected to perform to the peak of your ability on occasion.

    And today was not going to be any exception, with Saints debuts from Charlie Beech, Mark Hopley, and Daniel Browne’s first appearance in front of the Franklin’s faithful. Saints could boast nine internationals but Viadana were not looking too shabby either as they matched that figure.

    Key men for the home side had to be Bruce Reihana and big Ben Cohen. Their ability to use quick ball whilst moving at incredible speeds is something that makes them both highly respected amongst the team, and fans. Let us not forget the likes of Carlos, Wally, Clarke, Sharky, and Digger. They are influential players and play a massive part amongst the team week in week out. The entire team seems to be fitting together nicely, and you don’t have to take my word for it. Just watch them in there last 3-4 games, except LI, well not until the 89th minute anyway.

    Today was certainly a game for high scoring, for Northampton anyway. And why not? If you don’t aim high you are going nowhere. Four tries and a bonus point were a must as Northampton set out on their European endeavours.

    Viadana, not exactly a top side, but never doubt them. It was just 2 years ago when they took part in the elusive HC. Both teams looking to get back up there with the big guns. But both teams have to give it there all.

    Johnny Howard was given the nod at number 9 today, as Sharky was being rested. Howard can perform really well when he wants to. It was a game that took a while to get going but when we got going, boy, did we run riot. 7 tries crossed the line from the men in BG&G. The score’s came from Sam Harding, Jon Clarke, two from John Rudd and a long over-due hat trick from “Air†Ben Cohen.

    It was a game full of excitement, some decent officiating. Not so sure why the referee was wearing his national shirt, along with the linesmen but, oh well. Paul Diggin came on with twenty minutes to go. He took over kicking duties from Bruce but had a bit of a nightmare! He scuffed the first one and then hit the post with the second. I think that nerves got the better of him at the end, as Digger should really have nailed his third attempt. It went wide again. Oh well, he really got stuck in and apart from a missed tackle he had a good game…

    Carlos, Bruce, Rudd, and Quinlan along with Charlie Beech and Chris Budgen, came off to give the whole team some game time, with Richmond, Mallon, Diggin, Smith, and Brett Sturgess coming on for some action.

    There were a few argy bargy moments, but nothing Julian White would be cheering about.

    The team looked focused, imaginative, and switched on for most of the afternoon. I don’t think Budge will be too happy with the defending though when Viadana picked up three tries, all starting from close to the line. Even though the Italians almost picked up a try bonus point, the boys stuck it out and won the game 47 points to 25.

    I expected plenty of tries, and I wasn’t disappointed. Bristol away is next on the agenda. A win next week will put us in a pretty good position so early in the competition, but there is still a long way to go. Just remember, “It’s a marathon, not a sprintâ€

    A great game, a great day and great rugby!

    Come on You Saints!
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  3. I came away feeling very indifferent about the whole game to be honest. We didn't play a full strength team, didn't put any effort in, and still put nearly 50 points on the board.

    Had we played properlywe would have run up a cricket score against very poor opposition.
  4. I thought it was not up to our top potential but, I think we played pretty well and pulled some decent moves. Especially Ben's cross kick try.
  5. richllew

    richllew Guest

    Sounds like awsome game will they be showing highlights on sky sports tonight cause at 11 tonight they are apparently showing highlights of 11 games
  6. It's not as exciting as it sounds. Some decent tries, but Viadana's tackling was **** poor, and had we played properly, they really shouldn't have got on the scoresheet at all.
  7. richllew

    richllew Guest

    How did Los play
  8. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    He was uninspiring, but made a few tricks count.

    His best came straight out of the Paul Grayson handbook though; a crossfield kick fromm the 22 to the Try line (remember Cohens Try against Australia in 2002 at the very end?)
  9. richllew

    richllew Guest

    YE he judges them to perfection

    I live in Newport Wales so I cant see them that often but I watch a few of there away games. IM going to bristol to watch them next week
  10. Luck you [​IMG]

    It's all right for some of us isn't it [​IMG]
  11. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    Not that far to go then [​IMG]
  12. Are you going Harry?
  13. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    I may go actually, I've got a home game on that day so it should be alright. Tickets will be easy to get, can't see a sell-out for a Cup games. Just hope a strong line-up is named otherwise we will probably get smashed! [​IMG]

    What about you?
  14. Cannot make it, haven't the money I'm afraid. Never been to Brizzle, would be nice though. Shame we could of met up or something, well thats if my parents trust me.... [​IMG]
  15. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    Ah no worries, not 100% sure I'm going yet. I hardly go to any away matches, I've only ever been to Vicarge Road and Henly's ground.
  16. You should try and get to FG, its possibly the best ground with the best atmosphere, on occasion anyway.

    Your probably thinking im being biast because I support Northampton but, I'm sure your thinking [bo**ocks] [Brizzle is way better] or something less big-headed-ish.


    Seriousley its a great day out, if you decide to come downlet me know an I'l give you some good tips
  17. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    I'll be at Franklins one day [​IMG]

    I've seen FG and it is much better than the memorial stadium at the moment. The Memorial Ground is being re-developed though soon, but it is all in the pipe-line. I'll try and get some pics of what is supposed to be happening.

    Believe me, when I come to FG one day, I'll ask all you Saints fans for advice(except from Teh Mite, he'll probably direct me to a brothel [​IMG] )
  18. Yeah, sounds great.

    I am a terrace boy, we all have a great big laugh down there and enjoy the match whether its with fellow saints supporters or away supporters.
  19. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    That is one of the best things about rugby, the fans can sit together and have a bit of banter with each other, but keep things friendly. It would be a sad day if rugby ever went down football's route.
  20. Yeah, tell me about it. I fell in love with a sport that lets fans from many a team have a good old laugh together and enjoy the sport together, riots, controversy, and more talks about money ruling everything is not the way to go.

    We need to keep the spirit of the sport intact.
  21. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

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