Nottingham Rugby Club Homeless?

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    Nottingham Rugby Club officials have said they could be left homeless after Notts County Football Club told them they can no longer play at Meadow Lane.

    The clubs entered into a ground-sharing agreement when they both faced financial difficulties in 2006.

    A Notts County spokesman said new owners Munto Finance were within their rights to end the agreement.

    He said it was not commercially advantageous to Notts County and had a serious impact on the playing surface.

    'Extremely disappointed'

    The rugby club, known as the Green and Whites, began a major fundraising initiative after suffering financial troubles last season.

    One of the club's directors, Alistair Bow, said they were "extremely disappointed" with the news.

    He said: "As far as we are concerned we have a contract to play at Meadow Lane this season.

    "By refusing to honour the agreement it could signal the end of professional rugby in the city and I think it would impact massively on the livelihood of our professional players and staff."

    In a statement, Notts County confirmed the ground-sharing agreement was ended earlier this month when Munto Finance took over at the club and that is was "within their rights" to do so.

    It said the agreement was "not commercially advantageous to Notts County" and "incompatible with their ability to maintain a pitch suitable for first class football".

    Notts County made global headlines earlier in the week after Munto Finance, a Middle East-based consortium, signed former England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson to become director of football.
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    Hi getmeofland,thanks for posting this info. By the way,any recent updates bout the Nottingham Rugby Club? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!
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