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NRL 2008 - Official Thread



The 2008 Telstra NRL Premiership is set to be a big one, with the competition in its centenary year and the highest number of rep players changing clubs in memory.

With a significant number of prolific players hooking up with new clubs such as Brent Tate to the NZ Warriors, Petero Civenoceiva to the Penrith Panthers, Willie Mason and Mark O'Meley to the Sydney City Roosters only to name a few, fans and officials are all on the edge of the seat asking the same question. How will my club perform?

Broncos fans will be unsure of how they'll perform after a new era has just begun with the loss of internationals Shaun Berrigan, Brent Tate, Petero Civenoceiva, Dane Carlaw and Brad Thorn. However they pick up the likes of former test prop Joel Clinton, QLD origin player PJ Marsh, live wire utility Ashton Sims and dynamic five-eighth Peter Wallace.

Then there is the Bulldogs and Roosters. The Bulldogs have lost two test forwards in Mason and O'Meley and are more than ever unsettled. Will they once again fail to live up to expectations? For the past 5 seasons they have had one of the best two player rosters going around, but each year that is slowly deteriorating. Perhaps their chances have run out.
In the Roosters case, the Bulldogs loss is their gain. Over the past few seasons the Roosters have signed former Bulldogs Nate Myles (QLD Origin forward) and Braith Anasta (former Test player and NSW Origin member). To top those signings, the Roosters have now poached Mason and O'Meley. Firworks are sure to ensue in their Round 4 game.

Whilst not every club has such big questions, they still have the little ones hanging around. Will their new signings perform? Will they finally win the long awaited premiership? Will the season be hampered by injury? etc.

This season is sure to be a blockbuster with a draw centered on traditional rivalries and plenty of functions and activities to celebrate the competition's centenary year.

Have your say here. What are you looking forward to? What are you expecting from your club and the rest of the competition?

Post your views on absolutely anything and everything regarding the 2008 NRL Telstra Premiership.
Raiders 2008 â€" expect some improvements from 2007

Another year under the belt for the young side of avg age 24 years

Players to watch are Carney, Zillman, Goodwin, Pickett, Hinchcliff

Gains â€" Joel Moneghan â€" was absent in injuriy for most of 2007 for the chooks, but when he came back in the final 8 rounds scored the most trys on the team, so his hot form is back to repay the raiders.

Coaching staff has been ratified

Laurie Daley joins, as an advisor/coach in the halves, to assist in Carneys/Zillmans and Dobsons progression

Forward pack gets bigger, as we haven’t lost anyone, and another year of weights means the young boys, get bigger, and overall so does our pack â€" although the heart behind the muscle can be debated
Backs get more experienced, with Joel Monegehan back in the fray, and the young crop of talent get another yea under the belt….I expect some critics turning their heads even more than last year with Carney and Zillman â€" these 2 kids â€" watch this pace.

Neil Henry more experienced in coaching with another year under the belt, already hailed as QLD’s secret success weapon as Mal does nothing in the coaches role but motivate…this guy is our saviour back to the glory days, bringing in decipline, and removing the backyard culture we had of post game BBQ’s n beers, and the excuses for losing or not performing are to be adhered to directly to the coach…the kids aren’t happy about this, but if it bring success the spoilt little brats, like Carney (I am bigger than the law), can shut up and put up.

Raiders just making or missing top 8

Are TAB favourites for the spoon, just like the previous 4 years
Pls Note: The Tab has never paid a wooden spoon raiders ticket, so the market is clouded and driven by Goulds predictions which 80% of the time are way off the mark.
The Broncos/Roosters game was billed by some as an early try outfor the Australian fullback postition, between the incumbent Karmichael Hunt and the resurgent Anthony Minichello.

Both players had a relatively good, sound game but nothing special so at this point in time it seems Hunt will keep his jumper. But anything can happen, because Hunt may have a dip in form and the likes of Billy Slater, Matt Bowen and Brett Stewart could all of a sudden find themselves as the top contender.

At times like these, it really makes me wish there was a NSW#2 and QLD#2 team picked, or an Australia A to play in the test series. For Queensland theres Bowen, Hunt, Wesser, Slater and for NSW there's Minichello and Stewart in particular.
Did any of you guys see or hear about Paul Gallen's incidents for the Sharks against the ***ans?

First, he tore most of the 10 stitches out that were in a ***an's players head during a tackle.

Then laster, as he was rising to play the ball, Gallen grabbed the first marker's testicles!
first i have heard about it, and doesnt look like there are any citings about it on nrl.com

got any links or proof?
first i have heard about it, and doesnt look like there are any citings about it on nrl.com

got any links or proof? [/b]
I think he got 3 or 4 weeks for attacking the head, but the charges for his testicle grabbing incident were dismissed because of lack of evidence...the video angles were inconclusive and other crap.

Just wait a couple more days and the results will be published on nrl.com
Pretty ugly Warriors/Raiders game but I'm happy that we got through and got a victory.

Tate's try was pretty class as well.
I got a total of 2 tips correct this week!!!!! TWO!!! hopeless i ltell ya....i can't pick them this year !
yew the knights beat the storm last nite 17-16, now New Castle are in the top 8 if they beat the broncos or if they loose and then the warriors loose

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