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Ospreys v Connacht


An Tarbh

Connacht know that during the Six Nations they'll have to take advanatge of their full squad and pick up these away wins. Easier said than done, the Ospreys have one of the strongest squads in the league and should still be fairly confident of picking up the victory.

The Ospreys will be without national squad members Duncan Jones, Adam Jones, Alun Wyn Jones, Ryan Jones and James Hook.
I haven;t seen the squad but i was wondering, with Byrne and Gav both fit where will they both play?
If Gav has a good game at inside centre (which is where he shoud be) then i don't see why Gareth Jenkins won't put him on the bench, at least then can be a back up inside centre and full back.
I hope Byrne is put in full back so that he can find his feet again and hopefully get called up for a spot next week against France.
Oh well, so much for the whole Henson debate.
Seems to let us down JUST when we need him.
:%#%#: :rahh: :ranting: :wall:
Final Score: Ospreys 31- 10 Connacht.

After 30 minutes, one would never have believed that this would be the resulting score line. Ospreys 3 - 0 up and the game was an attrocity. Thankfully one very late try from both sides helped you think you were going to make it through the next 40 minutes with your sanity in tact.

Connor stayed off after half time with a fractured jaw and Spice came on to replace him at Fly Half.

Lee Byrne and Shane Williams certainly put their hands up for international contention against France after being the only shining beacons for the Ospreys.
Byrne assumed kicking duties after Connor went off and completed 4/5 kicks, i believe, and often stood at first receiver when waiting to clear the ball from their own 22m.
THe game was honestly save by Shane Williams and Lee Byrne as they were the only ones to really show any intuition.

One can't overlook Connacht's defense for many an occasion they held out the Ospreys...then again, the O's hardly did anything creative to even threaten the gain line at times.

It was just one of those matches I'll gladly forget about and never think back on again.
You certainly can't fault the effort of the Connacht team much like Ireland in the 90s hanging in for 60 minutes and then falling apart. They just need a decent win which might act as a springboard for them, Borders is an ample opportunity next up.
Definately. Connacth are fighters through and through and let me tell you, if the borders have to travel for their game against Connacht they will not come away with any points.

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