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I've had rugby 06 on my xbox and loved it but unfortunately (stupidly) I sold the machine. Considering replacing my xbox version with either a ps2 version or pc version.

Which would you guys recommend? Also is the PC version easy to mod, I don't know much about that sort of stuff and don't want to mess it up.
i would definitely recommend the pc version, some of the mods the guys on here have done are pretty good, especially the player editor by woosaah, this has really been the difference for me adding SOOO much lastability (is that even a word, meh).

kits and the like are easy to make yourself (made easy by a few members
tracking down which file is which (sooo much work aye csrtt815)

but adding other peoples mods are just drag n drop

for me the framerate isnt as smooth as xbox (dunno how everyone elses plays) but the higher res graphics dont hurt ur eyes like the consoles lol.

some people have had difficulty finding a decent controller which seems to be a problem.

i just bout a ps2 controller to pc adapter for like $10 off trademe and just learn to adjust (the face buttons were rotated one button etc) but now its easy peazy japanezy.......sorry

PC > console (although a bit hard for multiplayer)
Indeed EVOL its all a challenge i suppose! lol but Deffo on PC i got it for BOTH PC & PS2 although PS2 can be smooth and have smoothed GFX so can the PC when you tweak it a little, works gr8 on my GFX card and mods are easier to put on the PC than consoles. So in a nutshell i say PC all the way!!! :bravo:
yeah the modders say pc, and, well, i agree, i got the game for the modding capability, didnt think i would end up making a player editor but there really needed to be a decent one. (though its still not finished, will it ever be finished?)

i also had trouble with my controller, getting used to the buttons. was going to play with the csv file but havnt done that yet.

and my framrate i am getting around 80 frames, which is pretty damn good :) just got to get used to side cam again and i will be fine :)
yeah i too sold my xbox, well traded it for the xbox360 (dont no y!!), and just recently i brought the pc version, and im loving it, all the kits, updates, Jonah........., and hopefully more to come!! its just so much better having the proper kits and players, and woosahs editor is awsum. I say go get it on pc. You wont regret it.

Also it takes sometime to get used to the controls, as the step and handoff and that, you now have to use 2 buttons, instead of just the analog stick. Hard at first, but loving it now!! :D
yeah same, at least you know which button to push instead of figuring out which way to push the right analog (thats why i am going to get my ass kicked in the torny)
yeah loving the step, fend controls on pc. having sum trouble wit some kits tho. bourgoin nots working and the game just crashes, but just not putting that one in. So do you just place the kits in the main ea sports rugby 06 file?? coz i do that but it doesnt work, so i have to use the BigGUI thing, and do it all individually!! any help, tips?? :(
yep everything goes into where the main exe is, dunno why it is crashing ur game tho
Thanks for the advice. Was thinking about getting a 360, so it works on that then?

One thing I will say having played the xbox version for ages, I played the PS2 version over the weekend and it is a lot worse! Very jerky and the textures don't look so good.

Just need to find a cheap PC version now...

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