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Pre owned PS3 games



Just got this from gamesman.

"It looks like the days of buying second hand games will become a thing of the past for the PlayStation 3 if Sony has its way. According to Games Radar, high street shops have been notified by Sony that it will be illegal for consumers to sell any games they buy for the upcoming PlayStation 3.

It seems that Sony is planning to adopt a licensing system that will mean gamers won't own the PS3 ***les that they've paid money for. Instead, they will only be purchasing the licence to play the game and that the software itself will still be Sony property - meaning that the disc won't be the customer's to sell.

We assume that the thinking behind this move will ultimately be to stop PS3 games being resold several times - which currently snatches potential sales away from Sony - and to counter the impression in consumers' minds that games are only really worth their pre-owned price and are not worth buying new.

Bear in mind that the GamesRadar story is not sourced and should be taken with a great deal of salt. Unsurprisingly, Sony has not officially commented on this current rumor. "

As mentioned above, this is possibly just speculation, but if it is true I certainly wont be getting a Ps3. Trading in old games is how i make this habit affordable. I think this is bad move by sony if they do it, it could cost them as many sales as it gets them.
hmm, will this affect renting games as well from video stores? that would be immensely gay
They'd be stupid to do that I think. It'll most likely have the effect of encouraging pirating...
Its total BS

SANZAR is correct, and i dont think sony can do it, coz the right to play the game v the right to own a game pricing strategies are far to significant

Sony would lose more than gain if they went ahead with this
Nobody would go near it, just in shear protest of the system.

Not too mention - If this does go ahead - Its Sony's responsibilty to fix any issues, like faulty discs, bugs etc, when customer not satisfied with product - they have to create a whole new 100,000 employee wing just for that service
And they could not justify charging $120 for the right to play a game. People will just get a 360, where when they buy it they own it. It does sound like a beyond dumb move, so its surley just crap.
Yeah, that would a great way to drive many people into buying a XBox 360.

I don't buy second hand games, but I sell my games as I get the latest edition, if this is true I'll probably look more seriously at the XBox 360.

Although it didn't really take too much to push me further towards the XBox 360, GTA4 is coming out at the same time on both systems, and the 360 has Halo, and a good controller, so yeah. Hmmm.
Yeagh there is so much pushing me away from PS3 lately. If this kind of stupid mis management continues this could be the end of top dog for PS, like many before them.
well you guys do know it isnt confirmed....

dont you?

"Bear in mind that the GamesRadar story is not sourced and should be taken with a great deal of salt. Unsurprisingly, Sony has not officially commented on this current rumor"
I'm sure this matter came up about 6 months ago, and it has been dismissed by Sony Execs.
Originally posted by kinkon89@May 29 2006, 07:53 PM
well you guys do know it isnt confirmed....

dont you?

"Bear in mind that the GamesRadar story is not sourced and should be taken with a great deal of salt. Unsurprisingly, Sony has not officially commented on this current rumor"
Of course. I posted that originally. I think that this would kill the ps3 and they would hav to morons, but i thought it was interesting that this rumour made it onto the gamesmans latest news. You just never know.
Ties in with their plan to make us all download games rather than buy disks, anyway.

£40 for a 6 year old game? Thankyou sony.
I think people will become disillusioned with the PS3, every price that is coming out of sony's mouth is extortionate. Add to that the news I have just read, well the 400 quid can be invested into a pc.

yeah when the ps3 comes out i may buy myself a 360, or put the money that the ps3 is worth and upgrade my pc

that would be a mean as pc :)

i need a new video card/motherboard/chip/ram everything is getting to slow now (well not really i just want one, though my video card is making a noise)
Originally posted by St Helens RLFC@May 30 2006, 04:03 AM
Stupid move Sony.

I will halve your sales.
Haha i would like to see how you halve the sales.
It is, at the moment, borderline illegal to sell second-hand games at the moment no matter what the format.

Just like if you burn a copy of a cd because you listen to it in the car and at home and don't want to constantly move the disc back-and-forth.

Even though the above is for personal use you are still making an unauthorised version of it.

Selling games is obviously different to making copies of them but the legal standpoint remains the same. You are selling someone else's product without their permission. Just because you bought it in the first place doesn't change that fact.

Game manufactures know that it would be near-impossible to stop it and don't waste their resources trying to stop it or risk the negative feedback.

I think that Sony wants to stop it - just like a lot of companies - because they want their slice of the action and has "manufactured" this rumour to see what kind of reaction they will get.

They will wait to see what the "market's" reaction is and then take the necessary action - denying the rumour absolutely, if required.

Companies, and Governments, do this all of the time.
You're right of course, but the reaction will be overly negative and will effect their image as a company consumers like... If they go ahead and do this, people will still find a way to copy the games and it will probably get worse given the fact that second hand stores no longer can sell the legitimate product. Just look at Microsoft... They went to all these efforts to make people authorize their products etc over the net, but still released corporate editions that didn't require it! Result? Within days of the release the Chinese market was flooded with illegal corporate edition windows XP copies, which then infiltrated the whole world... But ask anyone if they feel bad about it and they'll say "feel bad about ripping off those greedy ******** at Microsoft? Bah! They had it coming".

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