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Premiership Rugby 22/23 - Rd 23

Just turned TV on and seen OF. He seems to not put the sunscreen on this week in training.
Has Arundell come on and played on the wing with Loader staying at FB? I think thats the wrong way round tbh. He's a better attacking FB than Loader IMO. Loader lacks some fundamentals, dont get me wrong i rate him highly but think he's better on the wing.
When you look at England U25 options Borthwick IMO has no excuse for not being top 3 favourites in 5 years time.
Pretty much every position I can think of at least one proven young prem player already, obviously can't factor in injury but even now starting to see some depth grow
I’m still backing Sarries for the ***le, I think they have the experience and will be hurting from last year, they have looked a little off recently but still getting the job done, they narrowly lost down to 14 last week when you consider they actually finished the strongest and rested a good chunk of the squad.
Sketchy first 20mins, but one direction from that point onwards. Surprised by the lack of cards for the high tackles, two on Tompkins.

Still think the semis and final could go either way.

Why was the Rob Simmons clothes-line tackle a yellow card when tackles that are not as bad are given as red? There is no consistency.
From memory there were another two tackles (one on Dan and the other on Tompkins) that only led to a penalty, but neither were as bad as the Simmons one where he went flying in. It is infuriating that there isn't consistency for all teams, especially where there is no mitigation.
And I think he even lifted Tompkins up, over the horizontal and dropped him. I remember an Irish fan wanting him taken off to avoid getting a red

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