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Premiership Rugby 22/23 - Rd 23

Really need the 5 points from this game and sarries to put their A team out against London Irish.

I can see us getting 5 but nervous about Irish vs sarries.
Dream time...
Northampton to beat Newcastle, confirming their place in the play-offs.
Bath can then beat a dispirited Quins the following day*
Exeter beat Bristol through home advantage.
Sale give Glos a bit of a hammering as they fight for home advantage in the SF.

Then next week...
Saracens rest most of their first XV as they've already secured a home SF, and they tend to do that if their last match is away from home.
Glos beat Bristol - neither have much to play for, but Glos are hurting after their defeat this weekend.
LIrish are just too good for Exeter with nothing really to play for, and no home crowd to gee them up.

Bath end up as Best in the West.

* I did say dream time, but played at Twickenham, with Qu9ins just having been denied a SF place, I can just about see it, if I squint hard enough.
Sale give Glos a bit of a hammering as they fight for home advantage in the SF.
After a full season of bleating about wanting a better prem schedule so more games are televised I'm actually out on Saturday so can't watch Sale's game - expect us to put in the performance of a lifetime just to spite me
Falcons will beat Saints in a high scoring game. Radwan to get 2 tries. 5-2
Exeter will smash Bristol 5-0
Quins will have too much for a Bath 5-2
Glous will have a big final home game and just manage to beat Sale in a tight game 4-1
Sarries and Irish to draw in a high scoring game 3-3
Well theres massive things going on at KP...so there'll be alot of mixed emotions.

Club stalwarts retiring (Tait and Welch), a large squad turnover and probably most coaches last game.

Onward to better things? Who knows...we shall see this time next year...we've been here before.
Radwan's got hops
Even through he didnt get that one its great to see a player(Radwan) backing his pace and going for it. Too many players dont trust themselves and step loosing momentumn.
Falcons should try and get Dimes in if he doesn't stay at Edinburgh

They need some fight in them, bit of edge, more people busting a gut on defence
That wasn't an attempted clearout he just did that to try and hurt Ludlam
Needs to get a grip on his temper - when he gouged the wasps player it's because they'd just scored and he wanted a dig
So after tonight.
Sarries could be 1,2 or 3
Sale could be 1,2,3
Leicester 2,3,4
Saints 4,5
Irish 2,3,4,5,6,7.
Going for team selection this week all will try to cement places.
Still my 4 is.
We did all we could but not picking up away to Irish costs us loads.
Really happy with the saints attack as always. Some falcons players really didn’t look bothered at all.

I guess it’s all up to other teams now.

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