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Premiership Rugby 23/24 - Rd 7

Wow NC playing some lovely stuff.
Very impressed with Hawkins who we signed from Jersey. Brought some power and size to our pack and does the grunt work so well.

Excellent last week and going well again.
Feyi Waboso a huge loss this game, quick and pressure on the kick off. Thought he was on to have a stormer with how he started. Hope he isnt injured. Now Hendrickson on for WHW who came on for Wabosi... not good. That means we only have 1 back replacement left.

Our defence is just failing.
Painter isn't enjoying his afternoon v Brantingham at the moment ..
Didnt Cairns drop that forward into the player on the ground? Unlucky either way
Another grub move from Roots, he dived after the kick and at the legs not the ball, knew what he was doing there
Wasn't committed before the kick and was never going to get the ball
Brantingham is playing really well
Ah hope Pepper isn't Injured again....
That was quite the kick by Slade

Is anyone kicking well this season? Like from any team? Feel like every team is missing loads
Yeah rhat was harsh...

Really hope Pepper isn't put long term again...the lad is class.

Some of Exeters "clearing out" needs fo be reigned in a bit

Hopefully we can keep this going..and push on.
Missed the Feyi-Waboso try live but just seen the replay. Wow. A lot of potent young wingers around at the moment.
He's Welsh isn't he? Has he actually played for them or is he EQ qualified?
Yeah born in Wales. Pretty sure he's English qualified but I expect the Welsh team is his goal. He might be able to be convinced though.

I think at age grade he was predominantly a 13. I'd be very interested to see him get some game time there. His athleticism could be a game breaker in that role.

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