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Premiership Rugby 23/24 - Rd 6

Lots of wingers could push for England A...
Reed for sale was very good...

Our own Iwan Stephens is very good...
Very entertaining game at the Rec.

Some really good handling in filthy conditions
That was a great game for the neutral really enjoyed it and the willingness to try and play regardless of the conditions, stadium was packed, I was expecting Bath to win with a little to spare the fact that it could have gone either way really added something, I didn't realise how wide Underhill actually is!
Played England U20 and has grown up here so not necessarily. Might not be a bad shout if the A game captures players.
His Dad was a Welsh international, wasn't he?
Probably a case of whoever offers first (like with Redpath and Moriarty), which I imagine would be Wales considering England's historic blindness to anything North of Nottingham and Wales lower player numbers
Yeah Colin Stephens Welsh fly half.

Who knows iws he may go for Wales...but not shown any sign of that yet. I think Wales would have him in the set up now if he was going for them...I think he can be very good.
Surprised that didn't get carded, but glad it didn't
Langdon completely bent at the waist and Wiese was low, but I feel like pre RWC that's not play on
Healy's got a good point about how ******* boring it must be in the stadium
Freezing cold and wet sat there in the silence while 16 guys refuse to scrum
Porter with the negative rugby IQ, taking contact on a 4 on 2