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Premiership Rugby 23/24 - Round 12

We're unbelievably screwed if we don't get a number of injuries back

Think, as it stands, between England and Injury, we're without:
Rodd, McIntyre, Harrison, LCD, Wiese, JLdP, Hill, Ellis, EvR, B.Curry, T.Curry, DdP, Ford, Roebuck, Tuilagi, Doherty, L.James, O'Flaherty, Carpenter
Borthwick takes Genge, and no-one else.
Gives Genge back.

Borthwick takes Obano and Stuart and Underhill and Spencer and Lawrence.
Breaks Lawrence, and takes Ojomoh and Muir as compensation.

And I wish them all the very best, and look forward to seeing what the understudies can do.
Never heard of your 3, and Hatherell at 5 is sketchy, but other than that that's pretty good isn't it? Considering it's international season
Plus while Hatherell at 5 seems sketchy at first glance they must be fairly confident about him playing there since they're starting him over Carter.
Errrr he's 27 years old that we signed as LH depth a few ago

Hoyt prob would have gotten a start if not for him just coming back from a year long injury pretty much
Saw the other day that Hoyt has been playing pretty exclusively at 6 and 8 for the Champ team he's been turning out for (forgotten which). Can't be great for his tighthead development.
Harsh - he's still more of a FB than FH

Fair play, I'll stand corrected.

I couldn't recall seeing him play anywhere other than 10, but I was pretty indifferent to Warriors and seldom watched their matches. Didn't actively dislike them or anything, just felt they existed to no particular purpose or ambition. That will also sound harsh but just how I felt.

Standing my corner a bit though he has played 10 every time I've seen him live. I think a sample size of one is pretty reasonable?
1706256714207.png over Sale. Am I insane? Quite possibly.

Pink Floyd GIF by tylaum
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Wasn't expecting so many injury returnees, very happy with that

Sale Sharks Starting XV:

15. Joe Carpenter, 14. Telusa Veainu, 13. Sam James, 12. Sam Bedlow, 11. Arron Reed, 10. Rob du Preez, 9. Gus Warr, 1. Si McIntyre, 2. Agustin Creevy, 3. James Harper, 4. Cobus Wiese, 5. Josh Beaumont, 6. Ernst van Rhyn, 7. Sam Dugdale, 8. Dan du Preez.


16. Tommy Taylor, 17. Tumy Onasanya, 18. Asher Opoku-Fordjour, 19. Ben Bamber, 20. Rouban Birch, 21. Nye Thomas, 22. Tom Curtis, 23. Rekeiti Ma'asi-White.

Edit: Keeping with tradition Sale initially posted the wrong team sheet - Schonert actually starts with Harper on the bench. Asher with the u20s, maybe?
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