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Discussion in 'Top 14 & Rugby Pro D2' started by lexave333, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. lexave333

    lexave333 Guest

    what do you think about the proD2 (french 2nd division) level?
    toulon with gregan, oliver, mehrtens, toavalu, rossouw and luger has the level of a top14 team, racing paris with pichot or valbon and agen with caucaunibuca are not too bad.
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  3. hytg

    hytg Guest

    I hope Racing Metro will be Pro D2 winner. Then I think Agen and Toulon would come with the Racing in TOP 14.
  4. jamesfk

    jamesfk Guest

    Toulon should win. They have so many international and ex international players. I like Metro Racing and Aurillac.
  5. grebeo

    grebeo Guest

    the Pro D2 have a good level this year i think Metro racing will better than toulon because I think Toulon will be have problem with the cohesion has this year
  6. ficelle

    ficelle Guest

    I think Toulon is the best team. They have too good supporters.
  7. ikvat

    ikvat Guest

    Next proD2 season will be enormous.
    It's really time to have an other est-south top team on top14.
  8. M Two One

    M Two One Guest

    Toulon will likely win the Pro D2 and Racing Métro will finish behind them and go through the playoff for second against Béziers, La Rochelle and Agen I bet. I wouldn't count out LOU or Narbonne though. This should be the best Pro D2 season yet and French television is already prepared for it! On France 3 South (15h15) and Sport + this weekend (17h) look for Toulon against Béziers.

    Here are the opening weekend matches:

    Toulon vs. Béziers
    Sunday, 28 October @ 15h15, Mayol

    Aurillac vs. Mt. de Marsan
    Saturday, 27 October @ 18h30, Jean-Alric

    Grenoble vs. Tarbes
    Saturday, 27 October @ 18h30, Lesdiguières

    La Rochelle vs. Oyonnax
    Saturday, 27 October @ 18h30, Marcel-Deflandre

    Racing-Métro vs. Lyon OU
    Saturday, 27 October @ 18h30, Olympique Yves-du-Manoir

    Pau vs. Union Bordeaux-Bègles
    Saturday, 27 October @ 18h30, Du Hameau

    Agen vs. Blagnac
    Saturday, 27 October @ 18h30, Armandie

    Limoges vs. Narbonne
    Saturday, 27 October @ 18h30, Parc Municipal de Beaublanc

    My predictions:

    Toulon over Béziers
    Mt. de Marsan over Aurillac
    Tarbes over Grenoble
    La Rochelle over Oyonnax
    Racing Métro over LOU
    Pau over Union Bordeaux-Bègles
    Agen over Blagnac
    Narbonne over Limoges
  9. sebounet

    sebounet Guest

    toulon the best sure !!! maybe they will back in top 14 next year ,sure!!!
  10. thf2k2

    thf2k2 Guest

    Toulon will surely go in Top 14. But the beginning of season is likely to be difficult with much of new players
  11. ikvat

    ikvat Guest

    An other incredible job made by M Two One.
    It will be hard to destabilize Toulon or Racing-Métro.
    I'll probably go on Stade Mayol during the season, and i'll try do some quality pics.
  12. Martin1813

    Martin1813 Guest

    It's impressive to see how Toulon and Racing recruited for this season...

    Both have great potential and I hope "mayonnaise will take" between all those great players.
  13. cdrik

    cdrik Guest

    Toulon should win
  14. Benji40

    Benji40 Guest

    Stade Montois of course !!!

    MACISTE Guest

    Toulon should win too, i think
  16. zac

    zac Guest

    Well i think Toulon should win too
  17. Holdup

    Holdup Guest

    Toulon wins PRO D2 championship but Metro and Agen can also playing a very good rugby.

    I don't Know if La rochelle can be in final this year, defeat at Mt de marsan is really a bad things ...

    After 2 games :

    Toulon first with 9 points 2 v and 1 offensive bonus point is already here !
  18. blondin34

    blondin34 Guest

    a lot of good team
    the best : Toulon
    next: metro agen
    outsider : mont de marsan beziers la rochelle
    i think Narbonne too
  19. I don't really see how they could go wrong this year...honestly I expect them to finish miles ahead of the rest in terms of points scored
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