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Profile Customisation in Future

Mrs. Peter Quinn

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Mar 30, 2010
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With the changeover and loss of the rep system I wondered whether it might be possible to revisit user profile customisation on TRF?

What I mean by this is that compared to other forums there does seem to be a fairly low degree of customisation in terms of avatar, ***les, sigs and all this. There's no membership system anymore (not sure if a replacement is on the horizon?) so I wondered whether there are any plans to change aspects of this with the new platform. It's not the end of the world but there are fewer ways to differentiate your profile here than elsewhere.

Just my two cents.
Thanks guys... I mean for example on the old platform I tried to add a gif as a profile picture and signature and couldn't, even though I know some people have managed it in the past.

Possibly a bigger range of ***les to choose from, since pretty much everyone on the site is a Senior member if they made it past 100 posts.

You could also use trophies or something maybe for having been around a long time, for having made hall of fame under the old rep system, for number of posts etc (just examples)

Sorry, I know you said one main way!
Hi Sandwich, just to let you know we've made note of your suggestions and will work through them ASAP - we'll keep you updated :)

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