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Hi guys.
I'm playing 1. centre and I got money :p :p :p
Considering buying an upper-body-protection kit.
But there are lots to chose from.
Can u point out the good ones?
Canterbury make a really comfortable upper body protection called the flexitop range.
The flexitop only had shoulder protections, but the flexitop+ has protection on the shoulders, sternum, arms and obliques. It's a quality fit, not too bulky, not enough there for players to grab from under your shirt and if you get the right fit you'll feel the benefit. You may find yourself getting hot in it, but that can't be a bad thing wiht some of the conditions i've played in.
I'm not a fan of the Gilbert, RugbyTech, or Kooga.
Kooga sticks out like a sore thumb and it's really easy to grab as your trying to make a break.
And i find both Gilbert and RugbyTech are flimsy feeling. There doesn't seem to be much density to the padding thus making the product redundant.

These are just my personal opinions on products that i am professionally aware of.
I choose Canterbury...
ok. tnx.
just sorting stuff out...
maybe i'm playing flanker in the feature, does that make it a different deal?
I have seen the one from kooga, is it any good?
Thinking on buying new shoes too :p
Ok, tnx again :D
Any good advice for boots for a flanker (1.83m and 90kg)?
lol, i'm a nuisance ;)
ordering it in a coeple days.
does anyone know any good shops that ships to holland?
he's an amateur andy farrell. u could try the adidas copa mundial or F30+....but the flanker is the boot for evryone
I'm a big, fat ugly prop who uses Gilbert Charger body Armour.

Highly recommended
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Ok, tnx again :D
Any good advice for boots for a flanker (1.83m and 90kg)?
lol, i'm a nuisance ;)
I thought you said you were an inside centre :p
I play with the seniorteam centre and coltteam flanker. :D