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has anyone tried to play cooperative rugby 08. me and my mates used to love 06 playin against each other and found that the teams aspect made it much mroe nejoyable. but in 08 its literally impossible to pass the ball to a highlighted support player. the ball either goes in front or behind the man. it seems very odd that this differance woule have happened and i was wondering ig anyone had any tips on how to work around it.
There is no work around. Ive tried eveything!! This is my favourite way to play 06 and I cant believe they ruined it. In 06 you could do all kinds of cool stuff, and 08, all gone. I dont understand why they would even touch it at all. let alone ruin it completey. It was perferct as far as co op goes. Ive already returned my copy. Im back on 06, its a much better game all round.

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