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PS3 to be Region-Free?



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PS3 to go region free?
Sony discuss encoding dilemma at conference

During a speech at the PlayStation Meeting 2005 yesterday, Ken Kutaragi revealed that Sony are deliberating whether or not to make the PS3 a region free console, while reiterating their intentions to launch the console in Spring 2006.

Despite being a common feature of handheld consoles, region free would be an unprecedented move for a modern home console. The closest examples of region free consoles and games include early versions of the Mega Drive and certain Xbox ***les, such as the MechAssault games and Fable.

This could see NTSC games running on PAL consoles and vice-versa without the need for mod chips or boot discs. It must be noted, however, that Sony have not made any decisions yet.

How the industry will react to such a feature is unknown, due to the significant price and release date differences between different regions. After all, this could spell the end for the ridiculous overcharging of European gamers...[/b]

While it doesnt confirm or deny anything, it at least shows that Sony are considiring it. Would sure as hell make things easier and IMO people will buy more games because of it (ecspecially those in PAL countries who want to play Games Produced for Japan or America), at least I would buy more games - or rent them and put them on my *Insert Devils Tool here*.

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