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The London Broncos will be known as Harlequins Rugby League Club from next season after agreeing a partnership deal with the rugby union club.

The Broncos will leave Brentford's Griffin Park, their home for the last six years, to move to Harlequins' Stoop ground, which will also be renamed as the Twickenham Stoop.

Ian Lenagan, the Broncos' joint-owner, explained that the Broncos would adopt 'the Harlequins brand' but denied that the partnership was either a merger or a takeover.

The club would, he added, no longer be rent-paying tenants but would instead share all the commercial revenue streams as well as running costs.

"The London Broncos become Harlequins Rugby League from the start of the 2006 season with a full adoption of the Harlequins brand - the Harlequins shirt, the Harlequins logo, everything about the Harlequins brand is now the brand used on Harlequins Rugby League," said Lenagan.

"While this is not a merger or takeover in either direction it does represent the most exciting coming together of rugby union and rugby league ever.

"It represents coming together under the most famous rugby brand in the world and with the most capable boards of directors on the rugby union side and the rugby league.

"We feel sure it is a very, very strong future for rugby league in the capital. We are not returning to the Stoop as rent-paying tenants. It is as a long-term partnership with Harlequins - a partnership in two ways.

"First of all sharing resources - marketing, commercial and administrative, training grounds for both teams, development of players and obviously in the academy area.

"Secondly, the move here represents a a sensible, attractive yet realistic share of revenue for the Broncos, things we have not necessarily had before had previous locations.

"Things like bar and food revenue on match days, merchandise and corporate hospitality which the new Twickenham Stoop is superb for."

The two clubs, who already have a loan agreement for their academy players, will share a pool of players who will be available for both codes.

The Broncos reformed earlier this season after going into liquidation with debts of more than £3 million.
This is old News

I think the deal will work well, and maybe make rugby league in the capital more popular, although I can never see it been as popular as union.
Meh, I don't like it and I don't like Quins.

It may b mutually beneficial an whatever, but league is league IMO and union is union.

Quins annoy me anyway - all this talk about ringfencin the prem when they were up - quiet on the subject now aren't they! ironic if it does happen when they are in ND1 as they will be confined there forever! Hopefully, for the love of sport that won't happen thou - even thou it would b funny.

Also, sum of their supporters - none on here - r arogant towards lower division rugby. They will not go unbeaten all season - they will lose 1 at home an a couple on the road. I think they will get promotion but with only a few points to spare. All this talk bout easing through is bull when they know very little about any of the ND1 teams at all.

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