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Rassie was right

Refreshing the almost universal disgust at this in the rugby media. Here is a good article on the wild discrepancies in the treatment of Farrell versus a Tongan and my avatar. They could easily have expanded this to inciude Fagerson in my opinion.

And here is another article indicating that the issue is that 6Ns administer their warm up matches and the associated disciplinary panels. So essentially the decisions on Fagerson and Farrell are the 6N unions regulating themselves (with predictable seemingly corrupt results). The 6N essentially appears able to pick and choose when World Rugby has any oversight over them (which probably suits Beaumont & co down to the ground too).

The suggestion now is World Rugby will appeal the Farrell decision (I would argue because this has become a circus that even WR cannot ignore rather than WR having their heart in the right place).

Given the importance of player health you would like to think any reasonable world governing body would use this as grounds to investigate the suitability of 6N rugby to administer non-6N matches and ultimately move to withdraw that privilege. Instead WR will soon be handing the 6N full, unmitigated control of June and November test windows via the World League, handing even more authority over to the 6N unions to dictate core elements of the development of the sport for decades to come.

Just when i thought I could not dislike rugby's administrators any more... :p
Just an opinion piece.

"... it is now absolutely time that the governing body convenes its own disciplinary panel system to govern the entire professional game, or at the very least, the international game. We are 18 days away from the highest-profile and most open World Cup ever, yet the oversight of the disciplinary system continues to resemble a kangaroo court."

I hope the bad sentiment towards '6N rugby' having its own disciplinary rules spills over to the forthcoming World League vote, but they only need 8x Tier1 unions to vote for it and I am guessing the SH unions are so financially desperate that enough of them will vote for it.
Did Rassie say anything about the Scott Barrett tackle?

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