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RC is a strange one...



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You *******! Those were for your ears only!

Lol. I didn't know i sounded that daft. :lol:
Nay, there's more...

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Well well well, this animal seems to have a repoitare of mating calls...very interesting indeed

Or maybe...It's just love, sweet love...
I'm thinking about releasing the William Shatner style songs.
Need to set up a myspace account first so i can get groupies and **** like that...

Make sure you set up bebo as well! You can have your own band on there as well and you can have both "members" and "groupies". U2, James Blunt, Pharrell Williams and pretty much every other group/artist have one.

You can even have a playlist. It's everything an artist such as yourself needs!

Imho, much better than MySpace.
Hmm...I suppose the higher degree user friendliness does appeal to 12 year olds.
I'm thinking about releasing the William Shatner style songs.

Hell yeah!

Ever heard Shatner's version of Mr Tambourine Man? Words cannot even describe how wonderful it is. Got a CD of songs by him and Leonard Nimoy as a joke present once. It's out of this world. Don't know if either could do Umbrella so beautifully though.
Erm...apart from me, who are those others that commented on the youtube page?

They scare me... :p

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