RFU, Harlequinns and relegation

Discussion in 'Premiership Rugby / Premiership Cup' started by gchewie, Oct 5, 2006.

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    Anyone out there find it ironic that no sooner have the city slicker pukes (Harlequins RFC) gotten (sorry, I meant bought) their way back into the top flight than they are no doubt behind the latest RFU airing of the idea of no drop at the end of the season for the worst team. As Harlequins being a spineless shower of money grabbing has beens are inevitably going to always be that team, anyone taking bets on that Harlequins have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that once they manage to buy their way back into the big time, they want to trap door underneath them closed, no doubt because deep down they know they are a show pony side as as such will always be bottom of teh table or damn near to it.
    Quins are an amateur team at heart, as is the club. There is no heart in it whatsoever for real rugby; far too many "rugger" supporters there. Real rugby is about going to war with the opposition for 80 minutes of raw passion, intensity, power and visceral combat. Professional rugby is a faster version of the same. Harlequins being a completely souless side have no capacity for the dog in the game - they are a show pony side and always have been. They have not contributed one thing to English rugby to my memory - sure they have supplied England with some great players, but only because they flashed obsence amounts of cash, or in the old days, obscenely well played jobs, to take those players from the clubs that actually produced them and taught them how to be superb players.
    However, they are one of the oldest teams in rugby history and as such, along with their traditional riches, they exert a far greater influence in the RFU than is healthy.
    If there is to be a break in the reglagation rule, then we shoudl properly follow the example of American Football' franchise arrangement by having two conferences. Each should have 8 teams in it and at the end of each year, the top four sides play off against each other for the title. Yes, have franchises, but extend that franchise to the top 1st division sides too - Leeds, Bradford, Cornish Pirates, Plymouth Albion. If we have to suffer Harlequins to have a fair end to relagation that does not tax too greatly the players, so be it.
    This would also lend itself better to a more structured season in England, with blocks of play for different competitions at the national, supra national and intenational levels. Failing that, let me add to my scap book of pain with yet more pictures of Harlequinns being relagated until one day they end up where they belong - in the third division, an amateur club who no longer influence the RFU solely for their own ends.

    From www.myspace.com/chewonrugby
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  3. O'Rothlain

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    That part makes a lot of sense. I'm not sure I quite understand why Harlequins are constantly refered to as "Show Ponnies." Did the Quins not fight their way to win Division 1 last season and therefore qualify to be re-instated into Premiership Rugby? I don't really see how they "bought" that, seeing as they simply retained the bulk of their Premiership side (unlike Leeds).

    Going back to the quote, the American Football (NFL) structure (which is also similar to the MLB structure) is quite good. However it was born out of two competing professional leagues (the American Football League and the National Football League now named the AFC and the NFC respectively with "c" , standing for "conference" taking the place of the word "league" in the title). It might be a hard idea to push (especially if you did a North v South as what seems to be the traditional rivalry).
  4. Titan

    Titan Guest

    You mean Bedford. And it would be silly to leave out the current league leaders from your list. i.e. Rotherham Earth Titans. :p

    But yeah, I think you're absolutely spot on. Get Quins back in the Prem then raise the trapdoor. Funny how Worcester are probably now considered untouchable too due to Duckworth's contacts and millions - there's a team who really have bought themselves respectability (although I'm sure the majority of their fans would accept their fate if they finished bottom this year).
  5. Oooh don't get me started on this one.
  6. MightyQuin

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    Yay, a win for Quins - and they even looked like a decent team ... or was it just Saints looking poor? Maybe the RFU won't have to abolish relegation after all! ;)

    In 15 years of going to Quins though, that's the quietest I've ever heard visiting Saints fans - even in defeat they are usually good value for at least a couple of renditions of "when the saints go marching in" ... the guys I spoke to after the match were very concerned for the rest of the season, and are hoping (like Quins and Newcastle fans) that Worcestors poor form continues.

    Next two weeks will be crucial for Wuss though, with games against Saints and Quins - lose both those and they are almost already down, but win, and it's gonna be a long nailbiting season for about 5 clubs (I can see Bath getting dragged into it)
  7. mara

    mara Guest

    show ponies????

    have you watched quins play this season??

    at least theyve finally won hurragh!!!!
  8. Cymro

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    Quins for me are a side who did well last season because they maintained their squad. Leeds failed to do this and bw hw if you dont like it.

    As for the NFL idea its an interesting idea and it could work for the English system. Id only support if if London Welsh were in it :lol:
  9. Cor blimey, strike a light guvna...let's all get rahnd the old joanna an' 'ave a chorus of Bread of 'eaven...then some jellied eels.
  10. Prestwick

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    Cor blimey, strike a light guvna...let's all get rahnd the old joanna an' 'ave a chorus of Bread of 'eaven...then some jellied eels.

    An' then we cahn sing sahme "lahnd of our fatha's" innit lads?!
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